Alaska Data and Information Links

Alaska Fisheries Data

Essential Fish Habitat (NOAA Shapefiles)

AK. Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse

NOAA- Gulf of Alaska Trawl Surveys

National Marine Fisheries Service

Alaska Sea Grant

Alaska Conservation Organizations.

Cook Inlet Keeper

Nature Conservancy

Alaska Center for the Environment

Alaska Marine Conservation Council

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

Alaska Rainforest Campaign

EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund

Alaska Bird Observatory

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Alaska League of Conservation Voters

Alaska Conservation Foundation

Eastern Kenai Penninsula Environmental Action Assoc.

Alaska Community Action on Toxics

Alaska Citizen's Workshop- complete listing of groups

Alaska Conservation Alliance

Northern Alaska Environmental Center-  link for information about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

GIS Data and Conservation related links

Society for Conservation GIS

Green Info Network (Conservation GIS)

Pacific Biodiversity Institute (Conservation GIS)

Conservation GIS

Inforain; Download Free GIS data

ESRI and Conservation - The mother ship

Geography Network; Geographic Clearinghouses

California GIS Data Clearinghouses

University of Arkansas GIS links (excellent!)

GeoPlace- A GIS Web Publication

GeoCommunity- A GIS Web Publication

MapCruzin- Good extensions for web mapping and excellent links to environmental websites!

Conservation, Social-Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Resources


Conservation Science, Inc.

The Conservation Technology Support Program

Environmental News Network

World Wildlife Fund

National Audubon Society

The Sierra Club

Sustainable Ecosystems Institute

EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund

The Orion Society- Grassroots Networking


League of Conservation Voters- Voter Education

National Wildlife Federation- Women & conservation

Alaska Physical & Cultural Geography Data

AK. Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse (physical)

AK. Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse (cultural)

AK. Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse (main page)

EROS Alaska Field Office (main page)

High Latitude Climate Transects (main page)

Forest Health Monitoring Clearinghouse (USGS/USFS)

Public Access Geographic Data (Dept. Natural Resources)

Links to government & private agencies in Alaska

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