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   California State University, Long Beach
Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program
Geology, Geography, Geoarchæology,
Environmental Science and Policy
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   Geological Sciences
   Env Science & Policy

   Dr. Courtney Ahrens
   Dr. Richard J. Behl
   Dr. Robert D. Francis
   Dr. Gregory Holk
   Dr. Tom Kelty
   Dr. Paul S. Laris
   Dr. Daniel O. Larson
   Dr. Christopher Tom Lee
   Dr. Carl Lipo
   Dr. Hector Neff
   Dr. Christine M. Rodrigue
   Dr. Lora R. Stevens
   Dr. Suzanne P. Wechsler
   Ms. Gabriela Valenzuela

   Avalon Schools
       Ms. Chelsea McCormick
   Lakewood High School
       Mr. Myles Loveall
   Wilson High School
       Mr. Randy Peterson

   Teaching Workshop

   Geoscience jobs





[ smoky quartz cluster, Wikipedia, modified by C.M. Rodrigue ]

GDEP student authors' names in teal;
CSULB graduate assistants' names in brown
community college and high school faculty partners' names in red
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Research Assistants

   Mr. Koang Chea
   Ms. Nancy Ko
   Ms. Samantha Lough
   Ms. Trina Ming
   Ms. Karina Moguel
   Ms. Tierra Moore
   Mr. Darrell Peterson
   Ms. Hanna Vu

Immersion Participants

   Ms. Lee Torrence
   Mr. Torrence Lee
   Ms. Dominique Sum
   Mr. Troy Mars
   Ms. Serena Massrey
   Mr. Luis Deniz

GDEP 2009 Mentors

   Ms. Terry Burns
   Ms. Jade Dean

Graduate Students
   Mr. Brian Nagy
   Ms. Conni Stuehler
   Ms. Gabriela Valenzuela

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