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Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Deborah Thien

It is very important to come in for advising on a regular basis as you begin the program, move through it, clarify your goals, and get ready to graduate. Advising is more than just going over requirements and units: It can also really help students to develop their areas of interest and learn about appropriate concentrations in the major, certificates, or compatible minors and second majors. Advising also helps connect students with internships, careers, alumni, and graduate school opportunities, as well as with activities and events that may be of interest during their time as undergraduates.

You can reach Dr. Thien by dropping by her office in LA4-206B, leaving a message for her in the Geography office in LA4-106, e-mailing her, or telephoning her. Her Fall 2008 drop-in advising office hours are 12:30-3 p.m. on Wednesdays. She is also available at other times by appointment.

Office: LA4 206B
Telephone: (562) 985-7072 or -8432

* Geography major
* 5 step plan to the B.A. in Geography (.doc file)
* 4 year roadmap to the B.A. in Geography (.xls file)
* Careers in geography
* What some of our alumni are doing

* Geography minor
* GIScience certificate
* Urban certificate
* Geography enhancing GE pattern (.xls file)


Graduate Advisor

Dr. Christopher T. Lee
Office: LA4 205
Telephone: (562) 985-2358 or -8432
Fax: (562) 985-8993

* Master's program overview
* Master's program requirements
* Geography Graduate Handbook (.doc file)
* 7 step plan to a Geography M.A. degree

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