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Dr. Ray Sumner


Dr. Sumner is presenting a talk:

"Potatoes to poppies in the Apple Isle," to the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers meeting in Eugene, OR, in October 2006.

The Australian island state of Taxmania was formerly called "The Apple Isle", but a major agricultural crop today is the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). Half of the world's legal poppy crop is grown in Tasmania. Some forty percent of the United States supply of pharmaceutical opiates is supplied by Tasmanian farmers contracted to two major companies. This is a rapidly growing industry employing cutting edge agricultural practices and high-tech scientific processing. The locational attributes of Tasmania are an important part of the poppy industry.

Dr. Sumner presented a poster in the group session, "Getting the Best Start...Community College Geography!":

"Long Beach City College," to the Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago in March 2006.

This poster is being prepared for the Community College Affinity Group display in Chicago.

Dr. Sumner was the first and presenting author (with Prof. Joan Clemmons):

"Tom Down Under: McKnight's relationship with the Fifth Continent," to the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers meeting in San Luis Obispo in September 2004.

Tom McKnight passed away in Los Angeles in February 2004. His impact and legacy in North American Geography are well known. This is a survey of his enduring relationship with Australia. Toms research interests in Australia are reflected in many of his books and papers. His deep personal attachment to the land down under is evidenced in numerous trips; over forty years, he visited Australia seventeen times, spanning and crossing the continent from coastal cities to extremely remote locations. Photographs and reminiscences also reveal the depth of his affection for the "Aussie" environment and its denizens.


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