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Abstracts of Conference Presentations


Mr. Doug Behrens

will present:

"Using an astrocompass to demonstrate some concepts in introductory physical geography courses," to the Association of American Geographers, Denver, April 2005.

This report considers the use of an astrocompass as still another tool that might be utilized to enhance understanding of certain topics discussed in college level introductory physical geography and climatology courses. The use of the small lightweight device are many, and the ability to trace the path of certain astronomical bodies such as the Sun make it ideal to enhance explanations of such ideas as the seasons, various factors in weather and climate, as well as terrestrial and celestial locational coordinate systems. A further list of applications as used in my physical geography and basic astronomy courses will be given.

Mr. Behrens also presented:

"Eggplant Production in California," to the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, March 2002.

This study considers the production of eggplant in the state of California. It begins with a history of the crop and continues on to the major geographical locations where eggplant is currently grown. The role of climate, and in some cases, successful production in what may be considered less than optimum climatic conditions is emphasized. Differing planting times and methods throughout the differing geographic areas of the state are covered. Various means of irrigation, soil preparation, and the use of integrated pest management are detailed.


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