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Surfside Productions is an FEA course that operates like an independent production company. Students receive course credit for working with clients and producing content such as public service announcements, commercials, and instructional videos. Clients pay a negotiated fee to cover production expenses. For more information, contact Prof. Dave O'Brien: dave@deliberatecontent.org


Formed by two enterprising FEA production students, the Film Club is an officially sanctioned campus organization that is dedicated to making movies. Film Club members, many of whom are freshmen and sophomores, find that participation is a great way to meet fellow students and begin making films together before enrolling in upper-division FEA production courses. Other activities have included field trips to studios and organizing on-campus screenings.


College Beat Television (CBTV) is a student-run television station, producing various creative content. College Beat provides technical and professional development as well as networking opportunities. Production opportunities range from the writers room to directing to camerawork to editing. It produces shows ranging from event coverage segments to a late night talk show to a narrative episodic TV series. CBTV content is shown through online outlets, campus flatscreens, and charter cable. Interested students should contact the Chief Executive Producer via info@collegebeattv.org.


K-Beach Radio is a fully student run, global radio station broadcasting online at www.kbeach.org from CSULB's Student Union. Coming up on their 10 year anniversary, K-Beach offers many volunteer opportunities for students interested in entering the field, ranging from on-air hosting to working behind the scenes and learning how to run a radio station.

K-Beach also has a digital live room where acts can come in and play to an audience in the Student Union and hosts a weekly concert series at the Nugget Pub and Grill on campus. Interested students should contact K-Beach's general manager via email at kbeach@csulb.edu.


KJZZ-FM (88.1 FM) is a legendary jazz and blues station that serves the Southern California market. New studio opportunities in programming and production are being planned with the new station management. For more information, go to jazzandblues.org.