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FEA Faculty

Department Chair
Jerry Mosher

Administrative Coordinator
Donna Thomas

Academic Advisor
Lorenzo Gutiérrez-Jarquin

Jack Anderson
Tom Blomquist
Sharyn Blumenthal
Jerry Mosher
Micheal C. Pounds
Jose Sanchez-H

Lecturers: Media Production
Fletcher Beasley
Dennis Burke
Christopher Cain
Kent Hayward
John Muto
Dave O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien
Stu Rosen
Philip Schwartz
Morgan Stiff
Jack Tucker

Lecturers: Screenwriting
Bonnie Blackburn
Morgan Land
Adam Moore
W. Reed Moran
Sarah Tatting-Kinzy

Lecturers: Critical Studies
Erica Aguero
Rowena Aquino
Robert Finney
Jennifer Moorman
David O'Grady
Jennifer Porst
Noelia Saenz
Larry Smith
Laurel Westrup
Jonathan Wysocki

Technical Staff
Steve Hubbert
Robert Rhyu

W. Reed Moran

W. Reed Moran
Office:UTC 206
Office Hours:  By appointment

W. Reed Moran is a former Washington, D.C. litigator who discovered that it was writing and teaching he loved, not corporate law. Moving to Los Angeles, hired away as a staff writer on a "top ten" network drama, Reed subsequently wrote on other network staffs, sold several drama pilots, features, TV movie scripts and animation, as well as episodes for such iconic series as SIMON & SIMON, STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION, SWAMP THING, RENEGADE, MACGYVER, and BAYWATCH. He also wrote for the A&E network drama series HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE, for which he received a CableAce Award nomination for Best Writing on a Dramatic Series.

Professor Moran has been a medical journalist for USA Today online and has taught English literature in the summer program at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. A graduate of Exeter, he went on to receive degrees from Dartmouth and the University of Virginia Law School, where he was Editor of the Virginia Journal of International Law. Professor Moran teaches screenwriting and media history at CSULB.