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Peter Kolstad

Peter Kolstad
Office Hours:  By appointment

Peter Kolstad is a freelance colorist and post-production consultant. His most recent work as colorist, The Healing Tree (2016), was selected for Cannes. He was also the colorist for a recent series of mini-documentaries posted by the USC Immigrant Health Initiative. As one of a team of three staff colorists at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Peter color-corrected a few dozen intermediate and advanced student videos. One of these, Soaring on Invisible Wings, was also selected for Cannes.

For more than twelve years Peter was a post-production manager at USC Cinematic Arts, where he ran digital labs and, later, a post production help desk, in addition to his work for four years as a staff colorist. Peter was one of a handful of digital professionals who guided the transformation of the School of Cinematic Arts from an analog to a digital post workflow. Prior to USC, he worked in IT, and was assistant editor on the independent feature Subterfuge.

An Avid-certified instructor (ACI) and Avid service rep (ACSR), Peter has also taught color correction and advanced Avid editing at Brooks Institute in Ventura.

A graduate of Carleton College, Peter earned an MFA from the American Film Institute (1994) and a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA (2012).