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Directors Guild of America Student Film Showcase

Every year since 1991, a showcase of student films produced in the Department of Film & Electronic Arts has been presented at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. The event highlights the quality and diversity of our student productions for an audience of industry professionals, actors and crews, family and friends, and students and faculty.

DGA Showcase directors and films:

Umberto Autore, Jr., Losing Johnny
Stacia Boyd, Mitt Schloffen
Michael Collins, I Get a Kick Out of You
Jan Corey, Slaves
Eduard Erslovas, Liquid Glass
Stephen T. Gladstone, Stop the Clock
Dave Kost, Road Kill
Judi Tallen Kriss, You're The One... Aren't You?
Michael Landis, Horace "Billy" Parker: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Wesley Magruder, Parkfield, CA
Christine Moore, Bernard '83
Nils Myers, The Haircut
Jock Peterson, A Couple of Bucks and a Toaster
Kevin Rubio, Tough Break
Guy Sappington, The Last Laugh
Mark Solter, Under the Window Pane
Mark Vigil, A Family Matter
Andrew Weder, Fears-ta-sy

Marcelino Alonso, Male Prostitute
Gene Barnard, Cow Credit
Judi Tallen Kriss, How It Is
Andrea Maxwell, The Gift
Mark Petulla, Free Love
Michael Rubin, The Regulators
Kevin Rubio, Re-Animator
Bryan Sierra, To Destroy Angels
Michael Stokes, Alien
Lynda S. Tarryk, Ben
Michael Torrey, Honey, I'm Going Out Tonight

Umberto Autore, Jr., Bob and Arlene
Gene Barnard, Twenty-Two
Jean Fitting, Not Tonight
Devora Gomez, La Cabeza Sin Cara
Patrick Kiely, The Director
Scott Kuiper, Stillborn
David P. Johnson, Glass Ceiling
Mark Petulla, Enjoy Your Eternity
James Renn, Loser
Bryan Sierra, Black Metallic
Michael Stokes, Desire
Lynda Tarryk, Metermaid

Belinda Bauer and James Renn, Clownfish
Kirsten Bulmer, Learning to Dance
Joel Elliott, Cut and Dried
Susan Everett, White Rabbits
Drew Johnson, Separation
Brian Maris, Choices
Craig Mayo, Why Not?
Joe Miyano, Full Circle
James Renn, Door to Door
Mark Rollins, Red Light, Green Light

Clint Bond, Heroic Illusion
Roger Hearld, Feverish
Andrew Johnson, Best Man
Brian Maris, The Runner
Daniel Mellitz, La Femme Pickle
Alex Perez, Boxcar Willie
Greg Postma, Guffie
Mark Rollins, Darkened Theater
Christine Tasche, All About Adam

Phillip Bissada, Dance For Two
Matt Claybrooks, In God We Trust
Peter Dana, Dale's Diner
Marcos Garcia, What's Going On
Devora Gomez, Espiritu
Carrie Hadaller, Still Clueless
Daniel Mellitz, The Lost Mariner
Donald Straub, Self-Portrait
Hiroshi Takimoto, Amino Acid 1800

Jason Bretz, Fatherland
Mike Chappell, Untitled
Carrie Hadaller, Hits & Mrs.
Sharri Hefner, Flying Machine
Brian Jonason, Information Age
John Lucanic, At Play
Takeshi Nishiyasu, Ride Ride Ride
Sandra Pica, Circle of Love
Mark Sterling, A Short Visit Home

Corey Azevedo, Three Bills
Jason Bretz, American Icons
Roger Hearld (in memorium), Passion and Appetite
Brian Jonason, Dailies From "The Wayfarer"
Darrin Plant, Megahurtz
Eric Schwartz, 11:17
Timothy Swanson, Pour L'Amour du Cinema
Sumesh Thakur, The Night Before Christmas
Takeshi Yuba, Feel

Vicki Ariamal, Meow
Jean Fletcher, Scratch
Adam Golibart, Ay, Ay, Eye
Geoff Hamby, Item F:8563
Kristopher Hritz and Vicki Ariamal, Bootyshine
Daisuke Kinouchi, Cinema Verite
Paul Minor, Candyflipping
Amanda Provost, Take Five
Christopher San Paolo, Give It Up
Eric Schwartz, Saving Grace
Sumesh Thakur, Objet d'Art

Rich Asprec, Waiting For Bukowski
Leslie Aurelio, Role Play
Mike Benecke, We Meet At Last
Jason Botkin, Good Luck
Andrei Cranch, Youtopia
Biance C. D'Carpio, Have You Seen Me
Joey Estella, Aiding & Abetting
Adam Goudchaux, Arbuckle
Ken Winkler, Neomortalism

Mik B, Seconds Thought
Aaron Garcia, Drowning
Kristina Holland, Tableaux Vivant
Bobby D. Lux, Stuntman
Brian Marsh, The Move
Kevin O'Neil, Captivity
Nicholas Shaffer, Catch of the Day
Dawson Williams, Trade Day
Ken Winkler, Infidels

Kevin Baird, Monkey Boy
Anderson Cowan, Three Sicks
Katrina DeLeon, The Rain
Erik Diener, Messy Women
Mark Doddy, Oedilyn
Erik Fetler, Half a Pact
Melissa Givens, Joe's Tavern
Mike Ocoboc, Over
Farnaz Samiinia, Butterfly

Martin Aristidou, A Poem
Oliver DeFilippo, System
Tammy Eastepp, Mi Amour
Brian Fischer, L'Historie de Billy Matter
Garrett Grundman, A Question of Honor
Doug Hovey, Sweet Dreams
John Jameson, Out and About
Kristen Kim, The Thing She Left Behind
Lex Kim, The One That Got Away
Michael Martinson, Captive
Ryan Musante, The Horror

Alfonso Aguilar, Servants of the Machine
Mike Baird, Just Say Love
Adam Camacho, Dog Eat Dog
Ryan Goble, This Is It
Erin Henning, Right of Revolution
Matt Koed, The Bloody Badge
Stephen Rau, Jaxson Drake
Jacob Scarpaci, Friday Night Renaissance
George Soto, Father's Waltz
Eva Valett, Sebastian's Home

Cynthia Aguirre, Fragments
Jacques Bale, 2B Or Not 2B
Matthew Brown, Mall Cops
Nick Corsetti, State of Mind
Tony DeLuca, Acquaintances
John Fulton, Ouroboros
Geri Logan, Holy Ghost Fire
Jose Renteria, Closet
Gerson Sanginitto, Contend
Bryan Thompson, El Paletero
Juan Trinidad, Anti-Personnel
Meagan Woodward, Stolen Hope

Adam Amberden, Augustus Wilkerson
Gregory R.R. Crosby, The Unobtrusive Plot
Michael DeLuca, The Bridge
Sonyo Estavillo, Brooklyn
Michelle Gevoian, One Sister
Dan Kinsbursky, West of Glory
Roger Melvin, Each Other
Vito Razi, The Walk
Angie Picirillo, PMS: A Period Piece
Junya Sakino, Orizuru
Gerson Sanginitto, The TV Broke
Ryan Silveira, Bee Goldin
Sam K. Yano, The Richter Effect

Ryan Bergez, The Necessary Assassination of George Lucas
Dorian Connelley, Costello
Michael Delvecchio, July 17th, 1996
Joseph Dunn, Untitled Warhol Film
Rick Escamilla, Memory of Eden
Ed Estrada, Door to Door
Mary Fecteau, Who Died Here?
John Grod, Blindside
Eric Kim, Where Did The Time Go?
Jessica McCarty, My Leisure World
Gabe Michael, Smooch
Ramona Popa, Loss
Travis Sims, A Movie About a Guy Who Loses a Specific Body Part
Gabe Yeh, Eviction Notice

Ryan Bates, Seven Years
Nicolas Bordage, The Interview
Margaret Boulware / Zach Marchinsky, Under The Gun
Ken Cooper, Judy Horowitz's Bat Mitzvah
Fil Garrison, Viaticus
Kris Hildago, Give Me Life
Pablo Leda, Mother Ship
Jody Lemmon, The Journey of the Cola Kayak
Jan-Michael Losada, S.I.N.
Drew Metz, Half
Oscar Reyes, The Dance Lesson
Derek Wiley, The Champ