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California State University, Long Beach

Special Topic Course Descriptions

The courses described below are offered under "Selected Topics" course numbers. Departments offer Selected Topics only occasionally and the selection is different every semester. Selected Topics courses do not repeat material presented by regular semester courses.

All Semesters

Summer 2009

ED P 490 Section 61 Seminar and Algebra Clinic

Seminar will focus on designing and developing individualized math and algebra instruction in a clinic setting. Emphasis will be placed on identifying individual clients' academic difficulty in math and algebra, why the problem is occurring, and implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of evidence-based strategies to increase the client's success in math and algebra. Practicum component required. Credit/no credit only.

PHIL 496/596 Section 01 Philosophy and the Meaning of Life

This course will explore the question of whether life has meaning or purpose through the study of philosophy (e.g., Nietzsche, Camus, Nagel, Nozick), literature (e.g., Tolstoy), and film (e.g., American Beauty).  An emphasis will be placed on existentialist philosophy.