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California State University, Long Beach

This information is for continuing CSULB students only. All other students should go to the College of Continuing and Professional Education CCPE.

Registration Access

Only continuing matriculated students may register online during the Self Service Registration and Adjustments period:

Full Summer Session March 6 - May 29, 2017
Session I March 6 - May 29, 2017
Session III March 6 - July 9, 2017

You will have online access to register if you meet the following conditions:

  • You continue in an approved program of study at CSULB.

  • You register within the correct dates and deadlines.

  • You have no hold placed on your registration access.

  • You have not filed to graduate for Spring 2017.

Check MyCSULB for your registration access date and time. Students receive access to register based upon class level and units earned within each class level. Class standing is determined as of Spring 2017 and does not include work in progress.

Registration Holds

A registration hold occurs when the University blocks your access to the registration system because you have not met a particular requirement.

You can view any holds you may have at MyCSULB under "Personal Portfolio" as well as information about clearing the hold. Your emailed registration appointment notification will also include a notice of any holds placed on your registration access. If you still have questions, call Enrollment Services at (562) 985-5471.

Here are some possible reasons for a registration hold:

  • You owe money to CSULB (course fees, a library fine, an earlier tuition payment, etc.).

  • You have failed to return property, such as a book or laboratory equipment, to a university department.

  • You have not taken a required entrance test.

  • You have not submitted required documents for admission.

Units - Maximum Unit Load

Full-time status in Summer is considered 12 units for undergraduates and 9 units for graduates in any combination of sessions.

Maximum Unit Load

Students may enroll in a maximum of 7 units in any one session. A breakdown of the maximum number of units in which a student may enroll when attending two or more sessions is as follows:

  • Sessions 1 and 6W1 only: 10 units (with no more than 7 units in one session)

  • Sessions 6W1 and 6W3 only: 13 units (with no more than 7 units in one session)

  • Sessions 1 and 6W3 only: 10 units (with no more than 7 units in one session)

  • Sessions 1, 6W1 and 6W3: 13 units (with no more than 10 units in two overlapping sessions, and 7 units in one session)

If you wish to take a heavier unit load during Summer, obtain an "Extra Units Petition" form from your major department or the Enrollment Services forms page. You must then obtain the required signature approvals and submit the form to Enrollment Services (BH-101). The deadline for submitting an "Extra Units Petition" form with approvals is the end of the first week of instruction of the session in which the overload occurs.

Undeclared majors should obtain approval on their "Extra Units Petition" form from the University Center for Undergraduate Advising.

How to Search the Schedule of Classes

Get up to the minute information on classes and seat availability at MyCSULB .

Search for classes by subject, course, session, day and time, instructor, open seats, GE category, and more.

If you want to browse through a list of course offerings first, go to schedule of classes.

Follow these steps to find the classes you need at MyCSULB.

  1. Select the "Search For Classes" option under My Menu.

  2. Select "CSU Long Beach" as Institution.

  3. Enter "Summer 2017" in the Term field to see summer classes.

  4. Click GO.

  5. Enter at least two search criteria, e.g. Subject and Catalog (course) Number. The Show Open Classes Only box is checked by default and will limit your search to classes with available seats. Uncheck the box if you want to view all classes.

  6. Click Search or Advanced Search to use additional search criteria, e.g. day and time. Class Search Results will display basic information about a class; click Class Details for more information, e.g. class notes.

To search by session, click into the Session box. Sessions you can choose from are:

Full Summer Session (SSD, 1, RNS) May 30 - August 18, 2017
Session I (S1S, 6W1) May 30 - July 7, 2017
Session III (S3S, 6W3) July 10 - August 18, 2017

Important! Be sure to look at individual class meeting dates because they may differ within the same session! Class Search Results will display these dates with basic information about the class. Class meeting dates appear directly above the instructor name.

To search by GE areas:

  1. Click Advanced Search
  2. Go to the Course Attr. Value box
  3. Click Lookup the magnifying glass and select the category you want.

To search for all GE classes:

  1. Go to the Course Attr. Value box
  2. Click Lookup and select "L_GE."

For additional help on using the class search in MyCSULB, see Using MyCSULB.

Waitlisting for Classes

If a class is full, you can place yourself on a waitlist for any seats that might become available.

When Can I Waitlist?

You can add yourself to the waitlist for a class until two weeks prior to the session start date. The last date to place yourself on a waitlist:
Full Summer Session May 15, 2017
Session I May 15, 2017
Session III Jun 26, 2017

Waitlists are cancelled after these dates.

How Waitlisting Works

All scheduled class sections have waitlists. The size of the waitlist is based on size of the class.

You can place yourself on the waitlist provided the list is not already full.

If a seat becomes available, the student highest on the waitlist will get the seat (subject to the limitations below). Seats will not be available to students who happen to log in if there is still anyone on the waitlist.

You must meet any requisites for the class before you can be placed on the waitlist, e.g., course pre-requisites, section co-requisites, major and class level restrictions. See Catalog/Course Descriptions on MyCSULB .

You may register or waitlist for classes up to your enrollment unit limit, with a maximum of 7 units of waitlisted classes.

Students will be moved from the waitlist into the class regularly as other students drop or are dropped due to non-payment of fees.

If you are successfully moved from the waitlist into the class, you will receive an email notification but only if you have specified your preferred email address in your Personal Portfolio at MyCSULB. You will not be billed for waitlisted classes but will be billed if moved from a waitlist into a class and the additional units result in higher registration fees. Check your class schedule and account summary regularly at MyCSULB to avoid cancellation of the newly added class(es).

If you are moved from the waitlist into a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class (as with any other class) if you decide not to attend. Failure to do so will result in a ‘WU' grade on your record which will lower your grade point average.

There is no guarantee you will be moved off the waitlist and enrolled into the class. Once the process to move students from the waitlist has run for the final time and classes have begun, instructors are not required to add students who were waitlisted for the class.

Moving Off the Waitlist

Students will be moved from the waitlist into the class if space becomes available, and in the order placed, unless either of the following restrictions apply:
  • There is a time conflict with another registered class. Since potential time conflicts are not checked when you place yourself on a waitlist, you should ensure that waitlisted classes do not conflict with your enrolled schedule.

  • You are already enrolled in another section of the same course. Do not use waitlisting to try to get into another section of a course in which you are already enrolled, as you will not be moved from the waitlist if space becomes available. You will need to choose whether to take a chance and place yourself on the waitlist of the full section in the hope space becomes available or remain enrolled in the section you have already scheduled.

If you cannot be moved from the waitlist, for either of the reasons given above, you will be skipped and the next student considered. You will not be reconsidered until the next time space becomes available in the class.

Check your schedule regularly at MyCSULB to monitor your position on a waitlist. If you decide you no longer wish to wait for space to become available, you may drop yourself from a waitlist and add another class.