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California State University, Long Beach

Summer Parking

Parking Fees

A CSULB parking permit or day permit is required at all times, except as noted on entrances to parking areas. Parking permits may be purchased online at or in person, if paying in cash only, at the Cashiers' Office, BH-148.


Twelve weeks $71.00
Daily (at Permit Dispenser only) $5.00


Twelve weeks $30.00

If you lose your permit, you must pay full price for another one. Summer parking permits are non-refundable after May 27th.

Parking Permits

You must display a Summer 2016 permit to park in the designated parking lots from May 16 - August 12, 2016. Parking permits are non-transferableand must be clearly displayed by either affixing the sticker to the lower right hand corner of the front windshield or by displaying it on a hanger from your rearview mirror.

Parking permits are valid in the Parking Structures and all student lots. Permits are valid in employee lots only during the times indicated, generally after 5:30 p.m. Read the signs in each campus parking lot to check where you may park with your permit and park only in a correctly designated parking space. You may buy a single-day or multi-day parking permit for $5.00 a day at a yellow permit dispenser in general campus parking lots. Your day permit is not valid if you do not display it face up.

Special Parking Permits

Disabled Drivers

You must display a Handicapped placard as well as your current student, employee, or day permit to park in any Handicapped space, designated by blue borders and a wheelchair emblem. If you do not have a placard, visit Disabled Student Services, BH-270. Your Handicapped placard does not entitle you to free parking at CSULB. If you need a short-term Handicapped parking permit, go to Parking and Transportation Services - see the campus map.

Carpool Parking

If you regularly share your drive to CSULB, you can use a carpool tag to park in designated preferential spaces. Go to Parking and Transportation Services to apply for a Carpool tag. Find carpool partners by using CSULB's exclusive ridematch service at

CSULB Vehicle Regulations

Cyclists and drivers must comply with all applicable sections of the California Vehicle Code. Posted speed limits on campus are 25 mph or 15 mph.

The speed limit in campus parking lots is 15 mph. Campus law enforcement and parking officers will cite you and charge a fine if you disregard the designated parking areas or other vehicle regulations. If you receive a parking or driving citation at CSULB, you may contest the citation within 21 days of the date on your ticket. Contact Parking and Transportation Services at (562) 985-4146.

For additional information, go to Parking and Transportation Services.