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California State University, Long Beach

Faculty and Staff Reference


Guidelines & Procedures

Understanding Student Payment Categories

This document is designed to help campus administrators classify the various student payments into broad categories and provide information on the resulting financial aid and tax implications of the various types.  It also clarifies the appropriate forms to be completed for each award type.

Understanding Changes beginning Fall 2011

All scholarship payment disbursement will be accomplished via the student system beginning Fall 2011 enabling improved automation including automatic payment of University charges, disbursement of funds directly into student bank accounts, and the availability of CSLink reports on scholarship recipients for departments.

Understanding and Navigating Scholarship Situations

  • Ensuring Appropriate Use of Scholarship Funds – Coming soon!
  • Ensuring a Scholarship is not Compensation – Coming soon!
  • Guidelines for Non-Educational Award payments – Coming soon!
  • Financial Aid Coordination – Coming soon!
  • Special Considerations for Summer Awards – Coming soon!
  • Special Considerations for Scholarships for Non-US Residents – Coming soon!

Understanding Responsibilities

  • Overview of campus scholarship responsibilities – Coming soon!


Establishing a Scholarship Account for Student Payment

Required form for all Scholarships and Educationally related student awards.  The information is used to insure adherence to University guidelines and to establish the award in the student system.  The form must be submitted to Office of Financial Aid before payments can be released to students.  

Revising a Scholarship Account for Student Payment

Once a Scholarship/Educational Award Profile has been accepted by the Office of Financial Aid follow the Procedure for Annual Review of Scholarship Profile Information to submit changes to information on file.

Authorizing Payment for a Student

Form used to request student payment(s) for Scholarships/Educationally related awards for the entire academic year. Submit to the Office of Financial Aid.

Contact Information

Send Scholarship/Educational Award Profile and Payment forms via interoffice mail or deliver directly to:

Office of Financial Aid – Scholarships
123 Brotman Hall

If you have any questions about Scholarships, you can reach us at:

For Department Staff:

For Students:

  • Financial Aid (562) 985-8403