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California State University, Long Beach

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Completing the Scholarship/Educational Award Payment Form


This form is to be used to make an educational award payment for a CSULB student.  If you need assistance in determining whether this is the correct form to use please see Student Payment Categories which is designed to help campus administrators classify the various student payments into broad categories and provide information on the resulting financial aid and tax implications of the various types.  It also clarifies the appropriate forms to be completed for each award type.

Complete one form for each student for each individual award.  The form should be completed and submitted as soon as the recipient is selected.  The form should include all payments for the award for the entire Academic Year.  Normally forms should be submitted by August 1 for the upcoming academic year.  Payment via the Student system allows for set-up that will not disburse awards until the appropriate period that is authorized on the form.

Please review Overview of the new payment process via the student system to understand how and when awards will be disbursed to student and the automatic checks the student system will perform prior to disbursement.

Once the form is completed it must be signed by the Award Approver authorized during the Annual Review of Scholarship Profile Information process.  Student Award payments for the new academic year cannot be processed until the annual review is complete for the award.  If the award is made as part of a “Grant and Contract” it must also be approved for ‘allow ability’ by the Grant and Contract Administrator before submission to the Office of Financial Aid.

The completed and authorized form is submitted to the:

Office of Financial Aid – Scholarships
Brotman Hall 123 – Mail Stop 0106

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please refer to the Scholarship website or call the Assistant Director for Scholarships at extension 58030.

Detailed Instructions

Recipient/Student Information

  • Student Name and Campus ID – Include the student’s full last and first name as listed on the student’s University record as well as their 9 digit Campus ID number.  (Do not provide the student’s SSN)

Award Information

  • Award Name – Write the full official name of the Award that is listed on the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile form.  The account listed on the Profile corresponding to this name will be charged for awards after they are disbursed via the Student System.
  • Award Type – Check the appropriate box:
    • New – The first Award Payment form submitted for this Award year.
    • Revision – A change to an Award Payment form previously submitted this year, write explanation in Comments.
    • Cancel – To cancel the entire award payment request for this Academic year.  Please write explanation in Comments
  • Comments Use this section to explain change(s) made to a previous Award Payment form for this Award year. Payment restrictions and minimum enrollment required as indicated on the Profile will automatically be enforced so no special comment is necessary.

Award Payment Information

Indicate payments in the appropriate section(s).  Most awards provide a single payment for each semester.  These should be listed in the semester section.  Only recurring monthly payments for living expense stipends should be listed in the monthly payment section.  Both sections should be completed if an award provides both a semester fee paying award and monthly stipend for living expenses.  The system will disburse the appropriate amount based on the separate parts.

Semester Payments – A payment is considered a “Semester Payments” if the payment is to be paid once during a semester or semesters.


  • For each term the student should receive payment, indicate the appropriate year of the term and the amount to be paid.
  • Provide the sum of all Academic Year payments in the Total Section

Semester payments will be released to the student no earlier than 10 days prior to the beginning of classes for the designated period if they are enrolled. If you would like the payment held until after census to insure the student is still enrolled prior to disbursing the award, check the box below the payment grid. For details on the payment process see Overview of the new payment process via the student system.

Monthly Payments - Some awards allow for a monthly disbursement to assist the student with living expenses. These stipends are not compensation for services but an alternate disbursement schedule to assist the student in managing their expenses. The amount of each month’s stipend should be listed in this section. Monthly payments will be released to student’s University account on the 20th of the month if they are enrolled.


  • Provide the year next to the month in which a payment will be paid in and indicate the specific amount to be paid for that month.
  • Provide the sum of all monthly payments in the Stipend Total Section

Authorization and Required Signatures

Review the certification statement and complete the necessary fields

Payment Requester
The staff or faculty member that is completing the form.
Payment Approver
Individual authorized by the Appropriate Administrator (Level 3: Dean, Associate or Assistance Vice-President) to approve Award Payment requests for this Award during the Annual Review process. 

Grants and Contracts Awards ONLY - Allowability Review

The Appropriate Grants and Contracts Administrator must conduct an allowability review prior to releasing payments to students.  Forms should be routed to the Grants and Contracts Office for this review prior to submitting to the Office of Financial Aid for processing.