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2012-13 Scholarship/Educational Award Profile
Annual Review and Confirmation


The annual review and confirmation of scholarship/educational award profile information is necessary to ensure that CSULB has the most current information on all scholarship/educational awards. This process also obtains available funding information for the upcoming year and reaffirms the delegation of “payment approver” status for authorized individuals. The annual review and confirmation process occurs each year during the Spring semester and is initiated by the Office of Financial Aid.

For each CSULB Scholarship/Educational award, this process must be completed and certified by the Award Administrator and the Appropriate Administrator (Level 3: Dean, Associate or Assistant Vice President)

Process Overview

The Annual Review and Confirmation steps to be completed are:

  • For each award under their oversight, the Award Administrator generates an Award Profile sheet using CS-Link Report LBFA0979 - Scholarship/Educational Awards Profile.
  • The Award Administrator reviews and updates the Award Profile sheet as necessary to ensure it reflects the most current data regarding each scholarship.
  • The Award Administrator completes the “2012-2013 Scholarship/Educational Award Profile Confirmation form” for each award.
  • Both the Award Administrator and Appropriate Administrator review and sign the Confirmation form, confirming the validity of the data on the Award Profile sheet and the Confirmation form.
  • Completed and signed forms are submitted to the Office of Financial Aid by May 1, 2012.


The Award Administrator and Appropriate Administrator are responsible for the completion of the following steps:

  1. Step 1 Generate an Award Profile sheet for each Scholarship/Educational Award

    • Go to the CS-Link website at to generate Award Profiles
    • Run a CS Link report LBFA0979 – Scholarship/Educational Awards Profile
      • Hint: You may generate all Award Profiles at once by using the Award ID field on the report request screen.
      • Indicate each Award ID for which you wish to have an Award Profile generated. Separate each Award ID with a comma. Screenshot of Scholarship/Educational Awards Profile
      • Additional report guidance can be obtained by clicking on the HELP button from the report generation screen in CS-Link
  2. Step 2 Review and update the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile sheet generated by the CS-Link Report

    • Review each item and make necessary changes to the information by writing directly on the summary sheet. The information should reflect the process and rules for awards being disbursed during the upcoming academic year, which begins with the Fall semester.
    • Key Fields:  The following fields are particularly important as they will be used in the Student System to support the awarding, disbursement, and accounting functions:
      • System Name – Indicates how the award will be displayed in Student System and MyCSULB for student viewing.  (Note: Field is limited to 30 characters maximum)
      • Minimum Enrollment – Indicate if the award requires a specified minimum enrollment in order for payments to be made to students. The system will release funds if the student is not enrolled in the number of units specified on this form. Note: The Student System automatically checks for enrollment in at least 1 unit before releasing payments to students.
      • Restrictions – Indicate if the award is restricted to specific educational costs (i.e. fees-only, housing-only). 
      • Restriction Enforced – Indicate if you would like the Student System to restrict the award payment to certain University charges on the student account when disbursed.
      • Billing Account – Confirm that the reported account is still accurate for payments that will be issued during 2012-2013.
  3. Step 3 Complete the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile Confirmation form

    • Award Name – Indicate the exact name that is listed on the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile summary sheet.
    • Award Profile – Check the appropriate box indicating if changes were made to the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile summary sheet.
    • Delegation of Payment Authority – Indicate if any changes were made to the status of “Payment Approvers” or the Award Administrator listed on the Award Profile Summary Sheet.
    • Funding Information – Indicate the total amount of funding for all CSULB students that will receive this award in the 2012-13 Academic Year (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013).
    • Award Administrator and Appropriate Administrator Certifications
      • Review all information on the Profile Confirmation form to ensure accuracy before signing.
      • Print the name and title of the Award Administrator and Appropriate Administrator.
      • Note: The Appropriate Administrator must be a Level 3 Administrator or higher (Deans, Associate Vice Presidents, and Assistant Vice Presidents).
      • Both Administrators sign and date the form.
  4. Step 4 Return the completed packet to:

  5. Office of Financial Aid – Scholarships
    123 Brotman Hall – Mail Stop 0106
    Attn: Denise Tardell

    For questions or if you need assistance with completing any portion of the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile Annual Review and Confirmation process, contact Denise Tardell, Assistant Director; Scholarships, via email at or via phone at (562) 985-8030.