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California State University, Long Beach

E-Advising Timeline

June 2013
(EAB) Predictive Analytics Analysis of data
July 2013
Smart Planner Process begins of flagging courses that are typically offered for Smart Planner.
August 2013
CSULB Advisor Connect Process begins of assigning advisors for CSULB Advisor Connect.
October 2013
(EAB) Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics reviewed and success markers identified with pilot groups (CHHS, COE, EOP)
November 2013
CSULB Advisor Connect Project Start
December 2013
(EAB) Predictive Analytics In person training and go-live for pilots (CHHS,COE, EOP)
Smart Planner Projected polling completed for typically offered courses.
February 2014
(EAB) Predictive Analytics Begin to review workbooks and success markers for non-pilots.
Smart Planner Projected Smart Planner project kick-off.
March 2014
Class Scheduler Planner Projected implementation for fall ’14 registration start (March 17).
April 2014
(EAB) Predictive Analytics In person training and go-live for Round 1 of non-pilots (CBA, Undeclared (UCUA) and CLA)
May 2014
(EAB) Predictive Analytics In person training and go-live for Round 2 of non-pilots (CNSM, COED and COTA) and as part of round 2 in person training in May, we will also train the "special group" advising centers that are not part of a college: SSSP/CAMP, CIE, BAC, Men's Success, Veterans, DSS, Partners, Presidents Scholars and University Honors Program.
August 2014
CSULB Advisor Connect Go-live of pilots (CLA, UCUA and SSSP)
Spring 2015
CSULB Advisor Connect Expand implementation into other groups. Explore alert feature.
March 2016
Smart Planner Goal of Smart Planner availability to all undergraduate majors.