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California State University, Long Beach

Degree Planner

Update: Degree Planner is now live in all undergraduate majors. For more information on Degree Planner, visit our video tutorials or for a quick overview, please visit our quick reference guide. Date: 9/24/2015


The need for automated tools that reduce advisor and student time spent creating clear paths to degree.


Implement the University of Arizona "Degree Planner" providing a road map and multi-year planner functionality fully integrated within PeopleSoft Advisor and Student Centers.

Supporting Project

In preparation for the Degree Planner solution, departments were asked to flag courses with when they were typically offered. This allows students and advisors to navigate the curriculum, recommend appropriate schedules and create usable multi-year plans.

This feature is now available for students.  For a quick overview, visit the Quick Reference Guide

Time Frame

  • July 2013: Process begins of flagging courses that are typically offered.
  • December 2013: Projected polling completed for typically offered courses.
  • February 2014:  Projected Degree Planner project kick-off.
  • March 2014:  Projected typically offered course information available for fall 2014 registration.
  • October 2014: Projected go-live of selected majors.
  • March 2016: Goal of Degree Planner available to all undergraduate majors.

Brief Overview

Degree Planner was created to assist advisors with prescriptive advising so they can focus more on student development and success with less emphasis on scheduling.  The Degree Planner saves time for advisors and gives the students a tool to own and understand their plan.

Key features include:

  • Automatically generates an accurate personalized multi-semester study plan based on each student’s major and progress.
  • Provides a friendly user interface for students and advisors, including drag-and-drop schedule adjustments.
  • Summarizes student progress in 1 or 2 easy-to-understand pages.
  • Shows students the impact of their decisions, such as taking summer classes, or changing majors.
  • Handles full-time, part-time, and transfer students equally well.
  • Tracks essential courses that can help predict a student’s success in a major.
  • Helps predict seat capacity based on actual future demand.