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California State University, Long Beach

E-Advising Initiative

Overview and Timeline

CSULB is dedicated to making every student’s experience at The Beach lead to a degree in a timely manner. In order to accomplish this goal, CSULB developed a plan to empower undergraduate students and advisors. A proposal was sent to the Chancellor’s office to support four solutions that would directly impact student success through new technology and advisor support. All four solutions were approved, leading to the CSULB E-Advising Initiative which include: Education Advisory Board (EAB) Predictive Analytics, Smart Planner, Advisor Connect (Advisor Support System) and Class Schedule Planner. These solutions will be implemented individually and rolled out in different intervals leading to a full campus-wide adoption in late 2015.

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  • (EAB) Predictive Analytics
    Predictive algorithm solution that identifies students who are at-risk and in need of intervention and guidance to an informed choice of major.
  • Degree Planner
    Automated tool (Degree Planner) that reduces advisor time on creating clear paths to degree using
    multi-year planner and road map to degree features.
  • Advisor Connect
    Insight / Symplicity - System for advisors that coordinates advisor appointments, workshop scheduling, and early alert tracking.
  • Class Schedule Planner (College Scheduler)
    College Scheduler that integrates with myCSULB to assist students in creating a term scheduler that meets their educational and life demands.