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California State University, Long Beach

Faculty and Staff Reference

Class Management & Enrollment Reports

Schedule Building & Maintenance Reports

Class Management

(Note: Additional specialized reports are available to scheduling coordinators.)

Classroom Utilization (Analytical Reports)

LBSR0715 Day/Time Utilization Analysis – Course Based
This report displays when colleges and departments are offering courses spread across a typical week providing a ‘Week at a Glance’ summary. Section and enrollment information is further broken down by GE/non-GE and course level. The report displays Course Sections grids, Course Enrollments grids, and Class Meetings Not Included in Analysis. The data can help address questions such as: When are we offering post-baccalaureate instruction? Is there an identifiable concentration of GE classes at certain times or on specific days? Using a combination of these reports, the user can compare classes and enrollment in selected facilities. With a quick review, the user can also identify opportunities when enrollment might be expanded.
LBSR0716 Day/Time Utilization Analysis – Room Based
This report also provides a ‘Week at a Glance’ format summarizing the degree to which colleges and departments are utilizing existing classroom space. Course sections and enrollments are displayed by specified room type, building or ownership and the number of sections scheduled and their distribution across the week by day and time. This information can help you address the question: When are the selected facilities utilized and what days and times might be available for additional classes? The added value is that this report also indicates how well facilities are utilized as a percentage of the total number of like rooms selected. The report displays how well certain categories of rooms are utilized, addressing questions such as: How well is my college utilizing our teaching laboratories?

Class Enrollment Reports

LBSR0414 Enrollment and Waitlist by Course
This report allows users to quickly view enrollment and waitlist totals by course for a specified term. Assists in tracking enrollment demand and making adjustments to course offerings.
LBSR0777 Class Schedule Enrollment Summary
This report is similar to LBSR0414 but in addition, breaks down enrollment and waitlist totals by state support and non-state support. This report separates state vs. self-support enrollment providing a tool for tracking enrollments and adjusting course offerings.
LBSR0056X Open Seats Report (Excel)
This report allows users to view all open courses for a specified term. Since this report is in Excel format, it provides the flexibility to sort the data to best suit your needs (e.g., by subject, number of seats available, GE designation, etc.).
LBSR0544 Summary Count of Classes and Seats by Type and Level
This report displays summary counts of classes offered for a specified term by course type (component) and course level.
LBSR0545 Summary Count of Classes and Seats by GE and Level
This report displays summary counts of classes offered for a specified term by GE category and course level.