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California State University, Long Beach

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Completing the Scholarship/Educational Award Profile Form


This form gathers pertinent information for each Scholarship/Educational Award administered at CSULB, which includes available funding and authorized payment approver data. It is used to assist with establishing award profiles in the student system, which is the initial step required before payments can be processed and released to students.

The form should be completed and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid upon the establishment of a Scholarship/Educational Award with the University and prior to any awards being made to students or the submission of payment requests. Complete one form for each separate award administered at CSULB.

The form must be signed by the Award Administrator, and the Appropriate Administrator who must be a Level 3 or higher administrator.

The completed form is submitted to the:

Office of Financial Aid – Scholarships
Brotman Hall 123 – Mail Stop 0106

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please refer to the Scholarship website or call the Assistant Director for Scholarships at extension 58030.

Detailed Instructions

Scholarship Award Information

  • Award Name The Official University Scholarship/Educational Award program name
  • Suggested System Name Indicate how you want the Scholarship/Educational award to appear on the Student System. This is the name students will see when they view their financial aid award profile in student self-service. Note: This field is limited to 30 characters in length.
  • Department, College, Division – The CSULB Department, College (if applicable) and Division responsible for administering and overseeing this award.

Account/Chartfield Information

  • Award Entity – Select the specific CSULB entity or CSULB Auxiliary entity that oversees the specific account where the Scholarship/Educational Award funds are maintained. For awards administered by the CSU Chancellor's Office, indicate Institutional Funds.
  • Source of Funds – Select the appropriate funding source of the scholarship account. In most instances, the Source of funds is derived by the scholarship account number. ASI awards should indicate ‘Campus Auxiliaries’.
  • Account Numbers – The numbers of the account, which may include the funds #, the department #, program #, project #, account # and any other unique #  that will be used to pay student awards. This is the account that will be billed for payments made to students as part of the reconciliation process.


  • Award Administrator – Provide the Name, Title, CSULB ID Number, Phone Number and Email address for the individual responsible for administering the award. This individual will be contacted to provide clarification regarding the award and asked for additional information should it be necessary.
  • Alternate Contact – The Alternate contact will be contacted for award information in the event that the award Administrator is unavailable. Provide Name, Title, CSULB ID Number, Phone Number and Email address.


Provide the specific eligibility requirements applicants must meet in order to be considered for this Scholarship/Educational Award.

Additional Eligibility Rules (If applicable)

  • Minimum GPA – Indicate if the award eligibility is based upon a minimum GPA, and provide the specific criteria.
  • Required Grade Level – Indicate if the award eligibility criteria have any grade level restrictions/requirements. IF so, specify the applicable requirements.
  • Minimum Financial Need – Indicate if the award has a minimum “financial need” requirement and specify those requirements.
  • Minimum Enrollment – Indicate if the award requires enrollment in a minimum number of units in order for payment to be released to the student. The Student System will review the student's record upon disbursement to confirm enrollment in the minimum units. Payment will be withheld should this requirement not be satisfied.

Application Process

Indicate the specific application process for students interested in applying for the award, including all forms and additional materials required, as well as all other requirements.

  • Application Deadline – Specify the application deadline for this award. (i.e. March 1, 2011 for Fall 2011 selection) If the award has multiple deadlines, provide information on each deadline. (i.e. May 1, 2011 for Fall selection and October 1, 2011 for Spring selection)

Selection Process

Indicate the process that is used to select eligible applicants to receive the award: including, if a selection committee is used, criteria used to differentiate eligible applicants, and any other process used.

  • Anticipated Selection Date – Specify the date applicants will be selected to receive the award. If the award has multiple selection dates, indicate all dates used (i.e., May 1, 2013 for Fall 2013 awards -or- May 1, 2013 for Fall selection and October 1, 2013 for Spring selection)

Award Payment Information

  • Expected Number of Annual recipients Indicate the expected number of students that will receive the award each year
  • Maximum Award Indicate the maximum award amount a student may received per award year (Fall, Spring and he following summer semesters).
  • Minimum Award (if applicable) - If the award has a minimum student payment amount per award year, indicate that amount.
  • Award Amount is: (indicate one)
    • Standard for All Recipients – Check this box is every award recipient receives the same amount
    • Varies by recipient – Check this box if award amounts vary by recipient and describe how the amount varies in the space provided.
  • Payment Restrictions - Should payment of this award b restricted to pay only specific education expenses, indicate in this section.
    • Once Per Semester Payment – Award will be split across each semester of enrollment. (Fall/Spring or Fall, Spring, Summer)
    • Single Payment – Award will be release in one payment to the student
    • Monthly Payment-The award will be released to students on a monthly basis throughout the payment period.

Confirmation, Delegation of Authority and Certification

Funding Available –This field is required as it will be used to establish the maximum amount of payments that can be made to students within the Student System. This amount must be updated should the funding amount change during an award year

  • Award Year –Indicate the specific award year for which funding information is being provided. Note: Award years run Fall, Spring and the following Summer semesters)
  • Available funds –Amount of payments that will be made to students from this award program

Delegation of Authority – Payment Approvers

  • Indicate if the Award Administrator is authorized to approve payments and sign the ‘Scholarship/Educational Award Payment’ form.
  • Indicate the names, title and CSULB ID of other/additional individuals that are authorized to approve payments and sign the ‘Scholarship/Educational Award Payment’ form.

Note: All payment forms must be signed by one of the approved individuals in order for the Office of Financial Aid to process payments and release funds to students

Award Administrator Certification –This section must be completed and signed by the award administrator indicated on the first page of the form.

Appropriate Administrator Certification –To be completed by a Level 3 (Dean, Assistant or Associate Vice President) or higher administrator. Incomplete certification or certification by a non-level 3 or higher administrators will result in required follow-up and potentially delay award set-up and payment to students.

Any Required Review Sign-off

  • Grants & Contracts – all awards require this review sign-off by the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.
  • Other – to be determined by the Financial Aid Office.