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California State University, Long Beach

Special Topic Course Descriptions

The courses described below are offered under "Selected Topics" course numbers. Departments offer Selected Topics only occasionally and the selection is different every semester. Selected Topics courses do not repeat material presented by regular semester courses.

All Semesters

Fall 2009

AFRS 490 Section 01 Research Topics in African American Literature

Prerequisite: AFRS 140
This course is a detailed study of certain literary themes, periods, authors, styles and/or techniques of African American Writers. Focus upon one or more of the aforementioned categories from at least two periods: 1930 - 1950 and 1960 - 1980's.

A H 497/597 Section 02 Robert Irwin

Examination of Irwin's art in historical, aesthetic and philosophical context.

AIS 490 Section 01 American Indian Fine Arts: Post 1900

This course examines North American Indian arts with emphasis on major art forms of the continental U.S., Alaska and Canada. Explores relationship between contemporary art and artists with specific attention to aesthetic, theoretical, historical, religious and philosophical aspects.

ANTH 490 Section 01 Ethnographic Film Production I

Intermediate-level ethnographic/documentary film production. Students will learn the fundamentals of how to produce an ethnographic film from conception through completion using professional-quality production and post-production equipment. Ethnographic films will be produced in the greater Long Beach community.

CLSC 490 Section 01 Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology

An examination of the cultures and civilizations of the Bronze Age Aegean including sites, artifacts, economies, trade and their interactions both within and beyond the Aegean.

COUN 692 Section 01 Spirituality and Psychotherapy Seminar

This seminar provides an advanced study of special topics in the field of counseling. Specifically, this is a survey course on spirituality and psychotherapy.

COUN 692 Section 03 Gestalt Therapy

This seminar is designed to be an experiential learning process of Gestalt Therapy. The student will be exposed to the theory, methodology and techniquest of Gestalt Therapy.

CWL 449/549 Section 01 Nobel Prize Laureates

This course will examine selected works by Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Luigi Pirandello, Naguib Mahfouz and VS Naipaul, all of whom played a major role in the march of world literature. We will also examine the modalities surrounding the Nobel Prize selection.

CWL 452/552 Section 01 Myth and the Stages of Life

Myths provided traditional cultures and models for living the various stages of a normal human life and with the information needed to get through the crises of the points of passage between those stages. We will read myths in this light and also study mythical figures, as well as considering 20th century figures.

ED P 490 Section 01 Advanced Instructional Consultation in Algebra

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
Seminar will focus on algebra curriculum, effective instructional practices, and advanced assessment models at the school-wide and individual level. Systems change practices will be emphasized. Mentorship by advanced students required. Practicum component required.

EDEL 599 Section 01 Expanding and Deepening Arts Content Knowledge for K-12 Teaching

Prerequisite: Admission to Curriculum and Instruction Master's program or consent of instructor.
Advanced preparation in the application of California K – 12 Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards.  Provides tools for developing K – 12 discrete and integrated lessons, including authentic assessments.  Draws on current research and best practices in VPA education.  Explores partnerships and collaboration.  Includes student portfolio.  Letter grade only (A-F)

GERM 398 Section 01 Thomas Mann

Student's study the major works by German novelist, essayist and short fiction author, Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955), comparing Mann's works of fiction and political essays in the following periods: Empire and World War I, Weimar Republic, Fascism and World War II and 4) Mann's final decade.

JAPN 490 Section 01 Advanced Presentation Skills in Japanese

Prerequisite: JAPN 302 and 312 or instructor consent
Development of advanced skills in presentation, including analysis of formal Japanese, presentation techniques and multimedia application in Japanese. This course is conducted in Japanese.

PHIL 496/596 Section 01 Feminist Philosophy

Prerequisite: 6 units of Philosophy or consent of instructor
This course will be an advanced introduction to problems in feminist philosophy including questions on feminism; sexism; gender; and self.

PHIL 690 Section 01 Color and Color Perception

This course examines philosophical and empirical research on color experience and the nature of color. The course will focus on whether colors exist and what we might know about them. We will also study some empirical and methodological details.

R/ST 690 Section 01 Sex, Gender and Religion in the Ancient Near East

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
From mythical, ritual, mantic and legal texts from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ugarit, the Hittites and ancient Israel (e.g., Gilgamesh; the biblical Song of Songs), the course sketches the systems of gender, sex and sexuality arising out of the religions of the ancient Near East.

SOC 494 Section 01 Immigration in Global and Social Context: A Research Focused Seminar

Prerequisite: SOC 355 or permission of instructor
Immigration is a contemporary social change topic that links different levels of analysis from micro to macro global. The seminar is organized around a common set of discussions about the research process and evaluation of each student's progress on an immigration-related research project of his or her choice. The final product will be a research paper and a public presentation of the research findings.