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California State University, Long Beach

Enrolling Before Classes Start

All registration and schedule adjustments before the first day of instruction must be done through our self-service system at MyCSULB. Payment is due within 30 days of registration or by the pre-semester payment deadline, whichever date comes first unless you qualify for a financial aid deferment. Once the pre-semester deadline has passed, payment is due the day of registration. See Paying Your Fees for more information. Notification of enrollment appointments is sent to continuing students by email. It is your responsibility to ensure that you specify your preferred email address at MyCSULB under Student Center/Personal Information. Be sure to check your email often to avoid missing important official university communications

Here are the steps to successful enrollment:

Continuing students receive first access to register for classes. For additional information, see Registration Access.

Prepare to Register

  • Campus ID and Password
    Your campus identification number is needed to register. This appears on your admission and enrollment appointment notifications. You must also use your Beach ID password to access MyCSULB.

  • Enrollment Appointment Dates
    You can begin enrolling in classes on the date and time specified in your enrollment appointment. This information is sent in an email notification well in advance and can also be found in MyCSULB by going to Student Center/Enrollment Dates. For best class availability, you should plan your enrollment request well in advance of the appointment!

Plan for Timely Degree Completion

Graduating in a timely manner is a top priority at CSULB. Degree Planner is a new online tool allowing undergraduate students to map their entire academic path to graduation. Degree Planner is currently available to select majors with a planned rollout for all majors in the coming months. Click on “Degree Planner” from the Student Center in MyCSULB to see if your major is available.

Plan your Class Schedule

  • The Schedule of Classes displays course offerings by Subject, College, or General Education Category by using the buttons at the top of each page. Lists are updated nightly to reflect changes.

  • Up-to-the-minute, detailed information on course offerings is available at MyCSULB Class Search. This feature allows you to search by subject, course, day or time, instructor, GE area, instruction mode, courses with available seats and more! You can also plan for future terms by using the ‘Browse Course Catalog’ feature in MyCSULB to view courses and term(s) in which courses are typically offered for enrollment (e.g. Fall only, Spring only, Fall and Spring) as well class sections offered for a specified enrollment term.
  • Once you have chosen your courses, go to the ‘Plan’ tab in MyCSULB to access your Class Schedule Planner. This tool will help you quickly create and review a variety of potential class schedules which include individual class preferences and allow for other time commitments, such as work study, athletic practice, jobs, etc. This feature can also be accessed from the Enroll tab on your Student Center. For more information on using the Class Schedule Planner, go to Using MyCSULB.

Validate Your Enrollment

After selecting your optimal schedule using the Class Schedule Planner, import it into your enrollment shopping cart and Validate Your Enrollment. This validation process checks for class conflicts and prerequisites prior to your actual enrollment appointment. You can also manually add or remove courses in your shopping cart via the “Plan” tab in the Student Center. Your course selections will remain in your shopping cart until your actual enrollment. Please note: validating your classes does NOT result in enrollment. You need to officially enroll in classes during your assigned enrollment appointment period.

Handling Special Requirements

  • Holds: Clear any registration holds listed in your enrollment appointment notification. View your holds and how to clear them at MyCSULB under Student Center/Holds.

  • Consent Required: Some courses require department or instructor consent to register. Once the department provides permission online, you may register for the course at MyCSULB if space is available. Please note: obtaining consent does not mean that you are enrolled, only that you are allowed to enroll.

  • Prerequisites: For many courses, you will not be allowed to register unless you have met the prerequisites (required courses, test results, etc.). Courses completed at other institutions will be accepted automatically if they have been evaluated as equivalent to the required CSULB courses. Check the course catalog in MyCSULB to determine what requirements must be met in order to take a course. The validation process described above will let you know which courses have failed the prerequisite check. If a course fails the check and you believe you have satisfied the requirement, consult with the department office of the course. If the department approves, they will enter permission in the system allowing you to register for the class if space is available.

Enroll in Classes

  • CSULB Fall and Spring Registration Rounds. You may register for up to 14 units during Round 1 and 18 units during Round 2, for detail information go to registration access. You should have alternate classes in mind in case your first choices are not available.

  • Officially enroll in classes at MyCSULB as soon as possible on or after your enrollment appointment date and time. Access is available 24/7 except during regularly scheduled maintenance times and the following periods:
  • Registration Unavailable

    • August 18 - 19, 2016
      Registration unavailable
    • January 19 - 20, 2017
      Registration unavailable

If a class is full, you can place yourself on a waitlist provided the list is not already full.

If you are enrolling in a course in order to remove the original grade from your grade point average, see How do I repeat ("Repeat-Delete") a class?

Under certain circumstances you may choose to take a class for credit/no credit (CR/NC) instead of a letter grade. You may also attend a class and receive no recorded grade (audit the class). However, you cannot request these grading options during the self-service registration period. Grading option changes must be submitted in person after classes start. See Change Your Grading Option.

Pay Your Fees

It is very important to understand CSULB payment procedures and deadlines. Failure to confirm your registration request with payment, by your payment due date, may result in cancellation of your class schedule. Payment is due within 30 days of registration or by the pre-semester payment deadline, whichever date comes first unless you qualify for a financial aid deferment. Once the pre-semester deadline has passed, payment is due the day of registration.

Go to Fees and Finances - Basics to view fee amounts, methods and deadlines. You can make a payment before registering but will need to check your MyCSULB account after registering to determine if any additional fees are due. If you qualify for a full or partial financial aid fee deferment, you will only need to pay any remaining balance due.

Be sure to check your account balance regularly at MyCSULB, especially after paying fees and any schedule changes. You are encouraged to make payment immediately to confirm your registration requests.

Pre-semester fee payment deadline dates:

  • Fall 2016: August 10, 2016
    Deadline to pay fees before instruction begins
  • Spring 2016: January 6, 2016
    Deadline to pay fees before instruction begins

Once instruction begins, however, the registration and schedule adjustment method varies depending on the date, and payment is due the day of registration. See Enrolling After Classes Start.

Adjust Your Schedule - if necessary

During Round 2 of Registration, you may enroll in up to 18 units. You can continue to use your Class Schedule Planner to find available classes that also meet your other life demands. You may adjust your schedule at MyCSULB until the last day of the Self Service Registration and Adjustments period:

Fall Semester Deadline to withdraw or drop classes using MyCSULB (by 10:00pm)

  • Fall 2016: September 5, 2016
    Deadline to withdraw or drop classes using MyCSULB (by 10:00 pm)

Self Service Registration and Adjustments ends for Spring

  • Spring 2017: February 5, 2017
    Self Service Registration and Adjustments ends

For instructions on adding, dropping, swapping or waitlisting classes, go to Using MyCSULB. To change your grading option for a class, see Change Your Grading Option. To register or change your schedule after the end of the Self Service Registration period, see Enrolling After Classes Start.

Important! It is YOUR responsibility to drop classes, regardless of the reason, by the deadlines to avoid charges or be eligible for a full or pro-rated refund. Failure to track your enrollment and student account balance at MyCSULB may result in charges and holds preventing critical university services. If you had a financial aid fee deferment in place when you registered and are later determined ineligible for aid, or you decline your aid, you must drop your classes. Students, who do not plan to attend the semester at all, should drop all classes before the first day of instruction to get a full refund. After instruction begins, students who drop all their classes will owe pro-rated fees based on the date of withdrawal.

Need help?

Go to Using MyCSULB. Additional registration assistance is available during University business hours at (562) 985-5471.