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California State University, Long Beach

Test My Email Address

Due to restrictive SPAM filters and other technological issues some students might not receive email from CSULB.  Please be sure to set your filters to allow incoming messages from CSULB. 

Students can send a test to their preferred email address following the steps below.

  1. Step 1 Click the “Test My Email” link within Contact Information in your Student Center. 

  2. Screen shot of Personal Information menu

  3. Step 2 The page below will appear, please click on the send email button to send an email test to your preferred email address. The button will gray out and the only option is Return (to Student Center).

  4. Screenshot of Test Email

  5. Step 4 If successful, you will receive an email that looks like this.

  6. Screenshot of successful Test Email

  7. Step 4 If NOT successful, the message below will appear if your email address will not accept CSULB communications.

  8. Screenshot of successful Test Email