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California State University, Long Beach

FERPA Restrictions

FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, will allow you to restrict the release of certain personal information. For more information regarding FERPA, click on the “Privacy Information” link under the Personal Information section; this will redirect you to the CSULB FERPA informational website. You have the ability to restrict all categories defined on the page, restrict specific categories, or select individual items.

  1. Step 1 Select “Privacy Settings” from the “other personal…” dropdown menu under the Personal Information section in the Student Center. Click the >> button.

  2. Screen shot of Personal Information section with other personal dropdown menu

  3. Step 2 This page will display your current FERPA settings. Click on the “Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions” button to make updates.

  4. Screen shot of FERPA Restrictions Summary page

  5. Step 3 Click on the checkbox(s) to restrict individual items. You may also restrict items by category by clicking on the “Restrict All” button within a category. Click “Save.”

  6. Step 4 To release restrictions, you may uncheck individual items or click the “Release All” button for an entire category. Click “Save.”

For more information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a CSULB student please see Releasing Student Information.