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California State University, Long Beach

Using Finances

Account Inquiry

  1. Select the "Account Inquiry" link below the "Finances" section of the Student Center.

    Screenshot showing the Account Inquiry link

  2. Click on one of the five tabs (summary, activity, charges due, payments, and pending aid) you wish to view. The "summary" tab displays summarized charges, payments, pending financial aid and due charges by term.
  3. Screenshot showing the Summary tab

  4. The "activity" tab lists all payments, charges, financial aid and refunds posted by date range and or term(s).

    Screenshot showing date range options on the activity tab

  5. The "charges due" tab displays a summary of unpaid charges by due date.

    Screenshot of the charges due tab

  6. The "payments" tab lists all payments including financial aid posted on your account by date range.

    Screenshot showing date ranges on the payments tab

  7. The "pending aid" tab can be viewed by one or all terms.

    Screenshot showing the pending aid tab

Pay Your Fees

  1. Select the "Make a Payment" link below the "Finances" section of the Student Center.

    Screenshot showing the Make a Payment link.

  2. Click on the "Make a Payment" button

    Screenshot showing the payment options and Make a Payment button.

  3. Click on the "Go to Payment Website" button.

    Screenshot showing the Go to Payment Website button.

  4. Select the charges to pay.

    Screenshot showing charges to select for payment.

  5. Click the "Add to Basket" button.

    Screenshot showing the Add to Basket button.

  6. Click the "Checkout" button.

    Screenshot showing Checkout button.

  7. Select a payment method and click on the "Continue Checkout" button.

    Screenshot showing payment methods and Continue Checkout button.

  8. Enter the bank information then click the "Continue Checkout" button.

    Screenshot showing bank information entry page.

  9. Review and confirm payment information. Then click on the "Submit Payment" button.

    Screenshot showing the payment information and Submit Payment button.

Enroll in Payment Plan

  1. In the Finances section of the Student Center, Select "Enroll in Payment Plan" from the drop down menu "other financial…". In this example, $1,663 is past due and is not eligible to be included in the payment plan as balances from a prior term are not eligible charges.

    Screenshot showing Enroll in Payment Plan link.

  2. Step 1: Select Payment Plan - Click on the radio button under Payment Plans to select the available payment plan. Then click on the "Next" button to continue.

    Screenshot showing Select Payment Plan page.

  3. Step 2: Review Installments - Review installment dates and amounts. Read the note at the bottom "Important". Then click on the "Next" button to continue.

    Screenshot showing Installment Due Dates and Amounts.

  4. Step 3: Agreement - review installment information, notes and the agreement at the bottom. Click next to the "yes" box to agree. Then click on the "Enroll" button to continue.

    Screenshot showing Payment Plan Agreement.

  5. Step 4: Result - you are now enrolled. Review your installment due dates and amounts. To see charges not covered by the payment plan, click on the "View My Account" button.

    Screenshot showing Payment Plan Enrollment Results.

How to Opt Out of the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF)

  1. Click on the “Account Inquiry” link under the Finances section of your Student Center.

    Screenshot of View Account Inquiry

  2. Click on the Activity tab.

    Screenshot of View Activity Tab

  3. Click on the information icon next to the SIRF-Student Involv & Repr Fee to learn more about the Student Representation Fee.

    Screenshot of SIRF Info

    You can also access more information on the CSSA Website.

    Screenshot of CSSA Website

  4. If you choose to ‘Opt Out’ of paying for the Student Representation Fee, click on the ‘OPT OUT’ icon to the right of the fee.

    Screenshot of Opt Out of SIRF Fee

  5. Select your Opt Out Reason, then click the Opt Out button.

    Screenshot of Select Your Opt Out Reason

1098T Forms

From the Finances section of the Student Center click on "other financial…" drop-down menu and choose the "View 1098-T" option.

Screenshot showing the other financial drop down menu

Request Your 1098-T Form Electronically

  1. Click on "Grant Consent" to receive your 1098T Form either electronically online.

    Screenshot of Grant Consent button in View 1098-T

  2. Click next to "Yes, I have read the agreement" and then click on Submit.

    Screenshot showing the Yes I have read the agreement checkbox and the Submit button

  3. Click the "View 1098-T" button to continue viewing your 1098-T.

    Screenshot of View 1098-T Selection button

Review 1098-T Detail

After clicking the "View 1098-T" link from the "other financial…" drop-down menu and granting consent to receive your 1098-T electronically you can choose the calendar year you wish to view. For example, 2008

Screenshot showing the Tax Year of 2008