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California State University, Long Beach

Using Academics - Academic History


The Academics section of your Student Center gives you quick access to your academic advising information. Choose from the pull-down menu to view Advisor Notes, your Course History, Test Score Summary, and Transfer Credit Report.

Advisor Notes

Advisor Notes allow advisor to create permanent notes related to advising appointments. The notes are used primarily to communicate information to the student and other advisors who are working with the student. Students have access to this information via the Student Center, an email communication or through the FERPA disclosure process. Note: Advisors may also elect to have the note sent to your preferred email address.

Click Advisor Notes from the pull-down menu. If your advisor has entered a note, you will be able to view it.

academics page with advisor notes highlighted in the pull down menu

When you have finished reading the note, click the Cancel button to return to the Student Center.

picture of advising notes with entered data

If you select Advisor Notes from the pull-down menu, and there are no notes, you will see this message:

picture of no advisor notes at present message


Course History

The new Course History page displays all course credit by CSULB enrollment or by transfer in a grid. Icons are used to indicate the course Status. The grid also allows display and sort options. You may convert the grid to a spreadsheet by clicking the spreadsheet icon

Click Course History to view all course credits, enrolled or by transfer.

picture of academics with course history highlighted in the pull down menu

picture of my course history page

Enrollment Verification

You can access Enrollment Verification from the Academics section in your Student Center.  You can print your unofficial enrollment verification from your browser or request that an official verification be mailed to a specified address.

Screenshot showing the "Enrollment Verification" menu option

There are two ways to navigate to the Request Enrollment Verification page:

  1. Click on the “My Academics” link on your Student Center, which will take you to the “My Academics” tab. Then, click on the “Request enrollment verification” link.

  2. Select “Enrollment Verification” from the drop down menu and click on the Go (>>) button next to the field.

Either one of these options will take you to the Request Enrollment Verification page.

Screenshot of Request Enrollment Verification page

Select Processing Options

There are two options to choose from:

  1. "Allow to Print from My Browser" – Generates an unofficial enrollment verification on your browser to print on your personal printer.
  2. "Request Institution to Mail" –Requests CSULB to send an official enrollment verification to the address you specify. When selecting this option, the page will refresh to allow you to specify when you want your verification printed, as well as the number of copies to print.

Screenshot of Processing Options page

  • Include My Program and Plan – Prints your current program of study as well as your major and minor. - Prints degrees you have earned at CSULB.
  • Include My Earned Degrees – Prints degrees you have earned at CSULB.
  • Include My Term and GPA Information – Prints your GPA for each term as well as your cumulative GPA for CSULB and transferred coursework.

Select desired Term or leave blank for all Terms:

  • If you only want to show information for a specific term, select that term from the menu.
  • Leave the field blank in order to show all of your active terms.

Recipient Address Information

The "Send to My Address" checkbox must be checked, in order for Enrollment Services to mail an enrollment verification.

If you want CSULB to send your enrollment verification to a third party, change the Send to information, as well as the Address information. (Be sure that you have selected the "Request Institution to Mail" option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.) If you wish to send it to more than one address, click on the "Add" button to add additional addresses.

Screenshot of Recipient Address Information and verification page

Once you have verified or changed the Address information, click the "OK" button, which will take you back to the Enrollment Verification request page.

  • If you chose "Allow to Print from My Browser," click the "Submit" button and your unofficial enrollment verification will appear.

    Screenshot of unofficial enrollment verification

    Current Program of Study

    • Career
    • Academic Program
    • Expected Completion Date
    • Career GPA – Cumulative GPA for CSULB coursework and transfer work.

    Enrollment History

    • The term you selected or a list of all terms in which you were term activated.
    • Career for that term (UGRD or PBAC)
    • Begin and End Dates of that term.
    • Total number of units you were enrolled in that term.
    • Term GPA
    • Enrollment Status
  • If you chose "Request Institution to Mail," click the "Submit" button and a confirmation message will appear. Your Enrollment Verification(s) will be mailed within 3 business days.

    Screenshot of confirmation page

Official Transcript

Browser Requirements: To access all the functions necessary for requesting an official transcript, the internet browser on your computer must meet minimal browser requirements. Be sure pop-ups are enabled for your browser. Official transcript requests use pop- up windows to process your payment.

You can request an Official Transcript from the Academics section in your Student Center.

Screenshot of Student Center

  1. Step 1 There are two ways to Request an Official Transcript in the Student Center:

    1. Click on the “My Academics” link on your Student Center, which will take you to the “My Academics” tab.  Then, click on the “Request official transcript” link.
    2. Select “Transcript: Official” from the drop down menu and click on the Go (>>) button next to the field.

    Either one of these options will take you to the Request Official Transcript page. After reading the instructions, click the "Next" button to proceed.

    Screenshot of Transcript Request Start Page

    Note: At any time in the process, if you click the "Cancel" button, your request will be cancelled.

  2. Step 2 From the drop-down menu, select an option of when you would like the transcript printed. If you select "Degree Confer Date" or "Grade Posting", you will also need to enter the corresponding term. Then click the “Next” button.

    Screenshot of print schedule options

  3. Step 3 Specify the number of copies to be sent to one address. Then click the "Next" button.

    Note: Transcripts to be sent to a different address must be ordered in a separate request.

    Screenshot showing transcript quantity selection

  4. Step 4 Indicate where you want your official transcript mailed. You can request to have it mailed to your address or to a third party.

    • To send it to your address – Check the "Send to My Address" checkbox; select your Address Type and the page will refresh to display the address on file.
    • To send it to a third party – Change the Send to information; click on the "Edit Address" link to indicate where the transcript is to be sent.

    Then click the"Next" button.

    Sending to Home address

    Screenshot of Home Address details

    Sending to third party

    Screenshot showing new address fields

  5. Step 5 Verify the "Price Summary". You will be charged based on the number of transcripts requested and any other appropriate fees. Then click the "Next" button.

    Screenshot of price summary page

  6. Step 6 Click on the “Make a Payment” button.  A new window will appear to allow you to select your payment option

    Screenshot of payment options

    If you submit more than one Official Transcript request in a 24 hour period, you will receive a Warning message asking if you wish to proceed with another payment. To continue with the payment process, check the box agreeing to proceed with another payment and click on the ‘Continue Checkout’ button.

    Screenshot of multiple payment requests

  7. Step 7 Click on the radio button that indicates how you want to make your payment – electronic check or credit card and then click on the “Continue Checkout” button.

    Screenshot of payment method selection page

  8. Step 7A If you are paying by electronic check, be sure to have your checking account information ready and enter that information in the corresponding fields.

    There is no fee to pay by E-Check on MyCSULB

    When you have finished entering your payment information, click on the "Continue Checkout" button.

  9. Step 7B If you are paying by credit card, you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the CASHNet User Agreement by checking on the box and clicking on the “Continue Checkout” button.

    Screenshot of credit card billing form

    Have your credit card number and expiration date ready and enter that information in the corresponding fields.

    When you have finished entering your payment information, click on the "Continue Checkout" button.

    Screen shot of credit card billing form

  10. Step 8 Confirm the information you entered and click on the "Submit Payment" button.

    Screenshot of invoice

    Once the transaction is approved, you will see buttons for the following options:

    • "Email Another Receipt" will prompt you to enter an e-mail address to send the receipt.
    • "View Printable Receipt" will open a new window with a Printer-friendly version of your receipt.

    Screenshot of payment confirmation/receipt

  11. Step 9 Close the CASHNet Payment Window and refer back to your Official Transcript Request on your MyCSULB window.

    Screenshot of Process Payment page

  12. Step 10 Click the “Next” button. This will give you a Transcript Request Confirmation. Print this page for your records.

    Screenshot of Transcript Confirmation

  13. Step 11 From here, clicking the "Request Another Transcript" button will take you back to the initial "Request Official Transcript" page. Clicking "Continue" closes your "Request Official Transcript" session and takes you back to the Student Center.

If you have any questions regarding your payment, contact Student Financial Services at (562) 985-8280.

Test Score Summary

The Test Score Summary lists all student academic exams; including the test ID and description, score, test date, data source, and the date the data was applied to student academic records.

The summary can be sorted, as well as saved to a spreadsheet by clicking the spreadsheet icon

Click Test Score Summary to view test and exam score details.

picture of academics with test score summary highlighted in the pull down

picture of the academic test summary page

Academic Test Summary interpretation:

  • Test ID – the type of test reported
  • Description – the component of the reported test
  • Score – the individual’s score for the test or component of the test
  • Test Date – the date the test was taken
  • Data Source – the source that provided CSULB the test results
  • Note: “SLF” stands for “self-reported” and indicates the results were reported by the student and, therefore, are unofficial until an official testing source validates the test results
  • Date Loaded – the date the test scores were entered on the system

Transfer Credit Reports

The Transfer Credit Report summarizes academic credit that is based on (1) course work from other institutions, (2) standardized tests (e.g. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate), and (3) other sources, such as military credit.

Click Transfer Credit Report to view the external credit summary and transfer detail.

picture of the academics with transfer credit report highlighted in the pull down menu

Information included on the Transfer Credit Report:

  • A Summary of External Units – summarizes all sources of transfer credit. Detailed information of identified transfer credit follows each external source.
  • The Evaluation Status – transfer work is indicated as “Unofficial” until standard articulation rules are applied or adjusted. The Evaluation Status will change to “Official” following Enrollment Services staff review.
  • CSULB Transfer Credit Information – explains the Transfer Credit Evaluation Status.

picture of the summary of external credits in the transfer credit report

Information included on the Transfer Course Detail:

  • Transfer Institution, Term Taken, Transfer Course Title, Units, and Grade – the course information taken from the external institution’s official transcript.
  • Term Posted – the term the transfer credit was applied to the student’s academic record. This is normally the next CSULB term of enrollment following the completion of the transfer course. Transfer credit will affect unit and GPA totals beginning with this term.
  • CSULB Course, CSULB Course Title, Units, and Grade – the CSULB equivalent course and credit accepted.
  • Click the "Sort by Internal" button Description: sort by internal button to alphabetize the CSULB Course column. Restore the data by clicking "Sort by External"Description: sort by external button button.

picture of the details of external units in the transfer credit report

picture of the test and other credit sections in the transfer credit report

Unofficial Transcript

You can view your posted transfer credit, course credit by term, academic standing by term, term statistics, and cumulative statistics in your Student Center by selecting “Transcript: Unofficial” in the Other Academic pull down menu. This is illustrated below.

Student Center with Transcript Unofficial in the Other Academic pull down menu

  1. Step 1 Select “Transcript: Unofficial” from the pull down menu. Click the advance arrow . This action advances you to the Unofficial Transcript page.

  2. Step 2 In the Unofficial Transcript page, verify "CSU Long Beach" is in the Academic Institution field.

  3. Step 3 Select "Unofficial Transcript" for the Report Type field.

    Student Center View Unofficial Transcript window

  4. Step 4 Click the "Go" button.  This action will open your Unofficial Transcript.

    Report Results window showing unofficial transcript

  5. Step 5 To return to the Unofficial Transcript process, click the Return link Description: return link. This action returns you to theUnofficial Transcript page.

View a Previously Requested Report

You may wish to view an Unofficial Transcript you previously requested. To do so, follow Steps 1 through 3. Then, click the VIEW A REPORT THAT YOU HAD PREVIOUSLY REQUESTED button  .

This action advances you to view Previous Requests, and to select the report you would like to view.

View Unofficial Transcripts - Previous Requests window

  1. Step 1 View a previously requested Unofficial Transcript by clicking the go button.  This action opens the selected Unofficial Transcript.