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California State University, Long Beach

Enrolling in Early Start Classes


MyCSULB provides an easy way to register for courses, access, view, and update your registration information over the Internet.

If you have not already activated your MyCSULB account, go to the BeachID Activate Account page. Once you have logged into MyCSULB using your Campus ID and password, click on the "Student Center" link under "My Menu".

Browser Requirements: To access all the functions necessary for navigating in MyCSULB, the internet browser on your computer must meet minimal browser requirements.

Note: Be sure pop-ups are enabled for your browser. Some functions use pop-up windows to process your requests.

  1. Step 1 Select the ‘Enroll in Early Start’ link in the Student Center.

    Screen shot of the Student Center showing the Enroll in Early Start link

    Note: You will receive a pop-up message regarding your eligibility for the Financial Aid fee waiver for the Early Start program, similar to the one below:

    Screen shot of Early Start Fee Notice

    If you qualify, the message will indicate that the waiver will post when you enroll in your Early Start classes.

    If you do not qualify, you must pay your fees within 48 hours after enrollment.

  2. Step 2 Click on the "Search" button below the 'Class Search' option on the left side of your shopping cart.

    Screen shot highlighting the Search button in the student's Shopping Cart and Class Schedule

  3. Step 3 Based on the information you received via email regarding your placement into the Early Start Math and/or Early Start English classes, select the applicable Course Subject.

    Screen shot Class Search, displaying Course Subject drop down and Early Start subject list

  4. Step 4 Click on the “Select Class” button next to the class section that meets your date and time requirement. You can click on the section link for more detailed information on the class.

    Screen shot of Class Search results

  5. Step 5 Once you have selected your class, the Enrollment Preferences page will display. Click on the “Next” button to proceed.

    Screen shot of Class Search Results Enrollment Preferences page

  6. Step 6 Once the selected class has been added to your shopping cart, click on the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.

    Screen shot indicating class added to Shopping Cart and Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button

  7. Step 7 Confirm the classes you wish to add and click the "Finish Enrolling" button.

    Screen shot of Confirm Classes page and Finish Enrolling button

  8. Step 8 The system will display the status of each enrollment request. Be sure to review the errors and/or messages.

    Screen shot of Enrollment Request Status Report  displaying successful enrollment

    Note: If you receive an error message like the one below, you have not met the Pre-requisite(s) for this class. Refer to the message details to see what the requirements are for the course.

    Screen shot of Enrollment Request Status Report error message

    If you selected the incorrect ESP course, try again with the correct course. If you feel the course is correct, contact the CCPE Customer Service Center at (800) 963-2250.

  9. Step 9 Confirm your Schedule and Pay Fees

    Always recheck your schedule after processing enrollment requests! Also, remember that you must pay your fees by the established deadlines to confirm your enrollment requests. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your classes.

    To pay your fees, select the "Make a Payment" link below the "Finances" section of the Student Center.

    Screen shot of the Finances section on the Student Center with an arrow pointing to Make a Payment link

    The E-Check option allows you to pay your balance by withdrawing funds from your checking or savings account. Your bank routing and account numbers will be needed to complete the transaction. The E-Check option does not charge a convenience fee. The second option is "Pay By Credit Card" – Smart Pay accepts MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, and JCB.

    Screen shot of the Payment Options page

  10. Step 10 Viewing Your Schedule and Enrollment Status

    Once you are enrolled in classes or have made changes to your class schedule, you can view your current schedule and status. You can also see the day and time, room, date, and instructor information for all your requested classes.

    Screen shot of page displaying My Class Schedule

  11. Step 11 Dropping a Class (Optional)

    From the Drop subtab, you can drop a class from your schedule. Simply check the box next to the class(es) you wish to drop, then click the "Drop Selected Classes" button.

    Screen shot of the Drop Classes window

    Confirm the class(es) you wish to drop and click the "Finish Dropping" button

    Screen shot of the Drop Classes confirmation page

    The View Results page will indicate if the change has been made, and show any errors or messages.