Using "Leave Accrual Information"

Employee Leave Balances

When you click on the Leave Accrual Information hyperlink from MyMenu, your accrued leave balances will display. If you have multiple job assignments, the leave available for each of these will display separately. This is noted by the Rcd# which appears next to your Employee ID, department and position classification.

Screenshot of leave balance page

If you have multiple positions, you can view all of your records by clicking on the Next in List button. To return to the previous record, click on Previous in List. If these icons do not appear as in the above example, you only have one job with leave accrual records.

How much leave do I earn each month?

Your 'leave accrual rate' is the amount of leave you earn each month. The type of leave earned and rate, is based on your collective bargaining unit and your appointment.

Article 24 of the current faculty contract provides a full-time employee with eight (8) hours of credit for sick leave with pay after completion of one academic qualifying pay period.

Faculty with an academic year appointment do not earn vacation leave. Per Article 34 of the current faculty contract only full-time ten (10) month and twelve (12) month faculty unit employees will earn two (2) days vacation credit for each qualifying month of service.

Eligible faculty who work less than full time receive sick and/or vacation credit on a pro rata basis.

For more information, please refer to the current collective bargaining agreement.

How current is the information?

Around the 15th date of each month, the Payroll Office updates your balances based on your leave accrual rate less any time reported as used during the previous pay period.

"Last Processed Date" displays the date your leave time was last reported or accrued, normally at the end of each pay period. Your information is current as of the period preceding the last processed date which in the example shown here would be the October pay period:

Last Processed Date: 11/02/2004

What is State Service?

The State Service value is the total months of qualifying service you have earned at any CSU campus. This is used to calculate how much leave employees earn based on their length of service at CSULB. This calculation does not currently apply to faculty employees. The State Service value may not display your cumulative months of state service if earned at other CalPERS employers, so you may wish to log-in to the CalPERS website to obtain your retirement service credit.

What is a Personal Holiday?

Per CFA Collective Bargaining Article 33, each faculty employee is entitled to a Personal Holiday that may be taken on one (1) day during the calendar year. If the Personal Holiday has not been recorded as taken, it will display as: Available

Personal Holidays may not carryover to the next calendar year if unused.

Leave Balance History

To see your monthly leave accrual and adjustment history (current year's accrual plus 1 prior year), click on the "History" hyperlink next to the leave type you want to view. If you want to see all records on the same page, select "View All." Click the Return button to go back to the previous page.

Screenshot of Sick Leave History

What if I have questions?

Questions about your leave balances should be directed to Payroll & Benefits Services at (562) 985-8269. Your departmental timekeeper may also be able to assist you.