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Undergraduate Procedures for Reactivation of Graduation

The reactivation process is for students who previously filed to graduate, did not maintain continuous attendance, and believe all degree requirements have been completed.

Continuous attendance is defined as attendance in a course at a California Community College, CSU, or UC campus for at least one unit of credit in at least one semester each calendar year. CSULB extension courses DO NOT count toward continuous attendance. If the student plans to enroll at the University, he/she must reapply and be readmitted to the University. Students are responsible for all University requirements in effect at the time of reactivation or readmission. These may include, but are not limited to, the current General Education pattern and the Writing Proficiency Exam. In addition, all upper-division course work required for the major must be completed within the 10-year period preceding the award of the Bachelor’s degree. Students should consult with their major advisor regarding possible revalidation of courses in question.

"Request for Reactivation" forms should be submitted to Enrollment Services BH 101 with a $10 processing fee. Students may be required to resubmit transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended. These transcripts must be official and submitted in a sealed envelope. Students who have been academically disqualified from the University and have not yet been reinstated are not eligible for reactivation; the student must be reinstated before filing for reactivation.

Reactivation is not admission to CSULB

Students needing to enroll at the University must reapply in accordance with University admission deadlines. Applications may be submitted through CSUMentor. If the student’s major has been discontinued at CSULB, the student must reapply to a major currently being offered.

Attending other institutions to complete degree requirements

Students attending another institution to complete graduation requirements should submit a Request for Evaluation of Coursework from Another Institution. This will ensure that the student is taking an appropriate course to meet graduation requirements.

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