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California State University, Long Beach

How Enrollment Impacts Financial Aid

Your basic eligibility for federal and state financial aid is determined by the FAFSA or the California Dream Act Application (for AB540 students NOT eligible for Federal financial aid). Financial aid awards are based on your eligibility and need, and are initially offered based on full-time enrollment. The number of units in which you are actually enrolled may impact the amount of financial aid you receive for various aid programs (actual enrollment does NOT include courses for which you are waitlisted).

Final enrollment for a semester is measured at University Census (the last day of the add/drop period for a semester – typically occurs the Friday of the fourth week of the semester). Prior to Census, Financial Aid Awards and disbursements are revised for students enrolled less than full-time to match eligibility based on the actual number of units in which students are officially enrolled. The student's enrollment and award is then locked at Census. Open University and all classes taken for audit do NOT qualify for financial aid.

REPEAT COURSEWORK: Once credit has been earned in a course, a student may receive financial aid only for one additional (second) attempt of the same course. A third or subsequent attempt of that same course will not be factored into a student's enrollment status for determining financial aid eligibility. This may impact the types and amounts of financial aid you are eligible to receive. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Requirements for Undergraduate and Credential Students (By Semester)

Undergraduate Enrollment Status Number of Units Impact on Award Eligibility
Full-time 12 or more units Full award eligibility
Three-quarter-time 9.0 - 11.9 units Pell Grant* - award prorated to 75%
Cal Grant A & B – award prorated to 75%
Cal B Subsistence – award prorated to 75%
Loans – award remains at 100%
Half-time 6.0 - 8.9 units Pell Grant* - award prorated to 50%
Cal Grant A & B – award prorated to 50%
Cal B Subsistence – award prorated to 50%
Loans – award remains at 100%
Less than half-time 1.0 - 5.9 units Pell Grant* - award prorated to 25%
Cal Grant A & B – student not eligible
Cal B Subsistence –student not eligible
Loans –student not eligible
  • State University Grant (SUG) Awards:
    • If a student is enrolled in 7 or more units, there is no change to the SUG award. The State Tuition Fee is the same for 7 or more units.
    • If a student enrolls in 6 units, the amount of the SUG award is adjusted to reflect the adjusted State Tuition Fee the student is charged.

*Pell Grants: In some instances a student enrolled in less than 12 units may lose eligibility for his/her Pell Grant, as EFC’s in the higher end of the Pell range do not allow for less than full-time awards.

NOTE: Effective Fall 2012, students are limited to a total of six full-time years (600%) of Pell Grant eligibility. The calculation of this total includes previous semesters at CSULB, as well as any attendance at any other school (including Community Colleges) where a Pell Grant was paid. Visit the NSLDS web site to determine the percentage of Pell Grant you have received.

Requirements for Graduate Students

Graduate Students (students who are pursuing a Master's or Doctoral degree) must be enrolled at least half-time in order to be eligible to receive funding from Federal and/or State Financial Aid programs.

For Graduate Students:

Graduate Enrollment Status Number of Units Impact on Award Eligibility
Full-time enrollment Master's degree students = 8 units
Doctoral degree students = 6 units
Full award eligibility
Half-time enrollment Master's degree students = 4 units
Doctoral degree students = 3 units
State University Grant - award adjusted to actual State Tuition Fee
MBA Grant – see below
Loans – award remains at 100%
  • MBA Fee Grant Awards:
    • To receive funding from the MBA Fee Grant, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of MBA courses that are assessed the additional MBA per-unit fee. Failure to meet this requirement will result in loss of eligibility for the Grant.

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