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California State University, Long Beach

Terms of Graduate and Post-baccalaureate Admission Offers

A graduate student is an applicant with at least a Bachelor’s degree who is pursuing a specific field of study that will lead to a Master's or Doctoral degree. You are considered a post-baccalaureate student if you hold a Bachelor's degree and wish to continue your education for personal enrichment or to meet professional needs by pursuing a certificate, credential or second Bachelor's degree.

What is Provisional Admission?

Offers of admission made to Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate applicants may be provisional if requirements that must be completed prior to enrollment in the program are in progress at the time of admission (e.g. earning a Baccalaureate degree). Failure to meet the terms of the provisional admission offer may result in the rescission of the offer.

What is Conditional Admission?

All offers of admission made to Credential Program applicants are Conditional. Credential seeking students must complete prerequisite and co-requisite courses and an application process by the end of the second semester in order to maintain admission to the program.

What is a student standing of “Conditionally Classified”?

Applicants for a Master's Degree who have deficiencies in prerequisite preparation for their program may be admitted with a standing of “Conditionally Classified” if deemed appropriate by the program’s faculty. This standing means that continued enrollment in the program is contingent upon meeting additional requirements specified by the academic department. Applicants will be allowed to enroll for course work, but prerequisites must usually be completed in the first semester of enrollment in order to continue enrollment.

How will I know if I have met all of the Conditions of Admission?

Provisional Admits:

A final official transcript showing the conferral date for the baccalaureate degree must be submitted no later than September 1 for Fall and February 1 for Spring. After receipt of the final transcript, the admission decision will be audited to ensure all conditions have been met. An email will be sent with the results of the review either confirming the admission offer or notification that the offer of admission has been rescinded.

Students will be allowed to enroll for classes prior to receipt of the transcript; however, if proof of degree completion is not received by the deadline, classes will be administratively dropped.

Conditional Admits:

The department will review the progress of the student to determine if the required course work and the credential application process will be met by the end of the second semester.

Admission to the university will be withdrawn if it is determined that the requirements are not met by the end of the second semester of enrollment.

“Conditionally Classified” Student Standing:

At the end of the term, departments will monitor the progress of students in “Conditionally Classified” standing.

Upon successful completion of the specified prerequisites, the student standing will be changed to “Classified”.

Students will be allowed to enroll for classes; however, if the required preparation is not completed within the timeframe established by the department, the student may be immediately dismissed from the program.

Are there any other Requirements?

There are other important steps to take before you can enroll in classes. Please see Steps to the Beach for Newly Admitted Post-baccalaureate and Graduate Students for details.