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California State University, Long Beach

Terms of Freshman Admission Offers

California State University, Long Beach will continue to accept applications

Offers of Admission made to first-time freshman applicants are almost always provisional as application is normally made while still attending high school. As a result, admission offers are provisional until the following conditions are met:

  • Completion of all senior year courses with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Completion of all CSU A-G subject requirements with a grade of “C” or higher by the end of the Spring semester prior to enrollment.
  • Graduate from High School by the end of the Spring semester prior to your enrollment.

Failure to meet these conditions will result in the rescinding of the admission offer which will prevent enrollment.  If enrollment is desired in the future, a new application must be submitted for that term and applicants must meet all of the admission requirements in effect at that time.

How will I know if I have met all of the Conditions of Admission?

Final official High School Transcript showing the date of graduation must be submitted no later than July 15th. After receipt of the final transcript, the admission decision will be audited to ensure all conditions have been met. An email will be sent with the results of the review either confirming the admission offer or notification that the offer of admission has been rescinded.

Students are allowed to attend orientation (SOAR) and register for classes prior to the auditing of their admission decision. Some students may be required to self-report their senior grades at check-in to insure they are on track for completion of the admission requirements. If the admission offer is rescinded after orientation, the classes will be administratively dropped.

Are there any other Requirements?

There are other important steps to take and deadlines to meet before you can enroll in classes. Please see Steps to the Beach for Newly Admitted Freshmen for details.