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CSULB Dance Collaborative




Elections 2013/2014

For the Office of President:

Melissa Martinez
Degree : BFA in Dance
Expected Graduation: Spring 2015

Previous experience: Off 7th Vice President- 1 year, Off 7th Secretary- 1 year, HS Varsity Dance Team Captain- 1 year

Leadership role: President

I believe I am a strong candidate for this role because I have a vision for this organization and strong leadership skills. I am responsible, organized, committed, and I have experience. I have been an officer of Off 7th for two years now and have learned a lot about what we as a student body can do for our department. I believe as a prior officer it is my duty to continue the legacy of Off 7th.

Melissa Martinez


For the Office of Vice President:

Name: Carina Hodgins
Degree: B.F.A. graduation- Spring 2015
Past experience: Secretary-San Diego State Dance Club 2011-2012
Vice President-Classy Pitches (an a capella group at SDSU) 2011-2012
Parent/Alumnae Relations-Gamma Phi Beta 2012-2013 current

I am running for the position of Vice President because I feel I have great leadership skills. Before transferring to CSULB, my past positions at San Diego State helped me become more organized, well rounded, open minded, and dedicated. I am running for a leadership position because I want to get more involved during my last two years here in the department. Since I held a position with the Dance Club at San Diego State, I am confident I can help Off 7th continue to succeed and represent our department.

Carina Hodgins


  Gerald Casel Headshot
Jennifer Harnett - President
Degree : BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science
Hometown: Orange, CA
Expected Graduation: Spring 2013
Contact: 714.906.9706



What is CSULB Dance Collaborative?

CSULB Dance Collaborative is the official student organization of the CSULB Department of Dance.  The purpose of CSULB Dance Collaborative is to represent and serve the dance majors and minors of CSULB Dance, and to uphold communication between the faculty, staff, and students as mediators and/or peer counselors.  All dance majors and minors including graduate students are automatically members of CSULB Dance Collaborative.
Activities of CSULB Dance Collaborative have varied through the past 10 years.  CSULB Dance Collaborative regularly sells concessions at all CSULB Department of Dance productions to earn money to sponsor master classes, student representation at American College Dance Festival Association conferences, and social functions for the student body of CSULB Dance.  It is the desire of Department Chair Andy Vaca, advisor to CSULB Dance Collaborative, and the current officers to recharge this group so that it is a vital organization representing the needs and desires of the varied student body of dance majors/minors.  We believe that CSULB Dance Collaborative can be an extremely vital and exciting voice in the CSULB Department of Dance.


For more information please email: CC: Dance


  Karen Clippinger Headshot
Melissa Martinez - Vice-President
Degree : BFA in Dance
Hometown: Corona, CA
Expected Graduation: Spring 2015
Contact: 951.833.8672


  Colleen Dunagan Headshot
Joey Navarrete- Secretary
Degree :BFA in Dance
Hometown: Fontana, CA
Expected Graduation: Spring 2014
Contact: 951.329.8518


  Keith Johnson Headshot
Crystal Ann Fernandez- Treasurer
Degree : BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science
Hometown: Montrose, CA
Expected Graduation: Spring 2014
Contact: 818.926.3089