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Masters Pro Dance Workshop: a no-frills dance workshop for dancers over 30 years old!




Masters Pro Dance Workshop Studio Group


Welcome to the Masters Pro Dance Workshop at the world-famous Department of Dance at California State University, Long Beach.  In two years, MPDW has raised nearly $10,000 for dance scholarships benefiting CSULB dance majors, and last year over 50 dancers over the age of 30 participated in this amazing event.  None of us who created this event knew how much these two days of dancing were going to mean to everyone.  The stories, the smiles, the sore muscles, the drill down…who knew?

We are excited to present our 3rd annual Masters Pro Dance Workshop!  Again, the workshop is formatted much like a “ dance camp” that many of us attended back in the day when we were teaching summer camp, working as an advisor/choreographer, or dancing on a team.  Material ranges from the type of routines you see at NBA and NFL sporting events to sassy jazz dances that you can practice back in the privacy of your home!  The best part, however, is that you get to decide how far you want to push yourself!  Don’t want to do floorwork?  Then don’t do it!  Don’t want to kick above your waist?  Don’t even think about it!  Just smile, try your best, and have a great time.

This year our goal is to raise more money than either year of MPDW so far.  So, check out the amazing instructors, and plan for a wonderful weekend with your friends and soon-to-be friends.

See you the first weekend in October!

Andy Vaca (your “Head Instructor”)
Department Chair, Department of Dance
California State University, Long Beach


The Workshop

All participants will have the opportunity to learn two dances and a “camp dance” from a staff of all-stars from the dance camp and pro dance team world.  There will be routines in different levels and different styles, with an emphasis on choreography as opposed to technical “tricks.”  All routines will be 45-60 seconds long, and often feature special “Flashback Material” utilizing steps and moves from our past!  For those of you who are still dancing and teaching, you will take away some great material to share with your students, and experience teaching techniques and energy that will certainly add to your personal teaching methodologies.  And since it was such a big hit last year, Drill Down is back for a 2nd year!

You will also get an opportunity to learn in the largest dance department in higher education in the United States, the CSULB Department of Dance.  Each studio has natural lighting (good for “mature” faces), raised floors (good for old bones), and lots of space!  No dancing in parking lots or tennis courts for these bodies!  

Sample Schedule (subject to change)

Saturday, Oct. 4
8:00     Registration
9:00     “Opening Ceremonies”/Warm-up
10:00   Routine A
11:30   Camp Dance
12:00   Lunch
1:30     Routine B
3:00     Camp Dance
3:30     Routine Review/Drill Down
4:00     Cool Down/Stretch

Sunday, Oct. 5
9:00     Warm-up
9:45     Camp Dance
10:00   Routine Review/Drill Down
11:00   Special Performance by CSULB dancers
11:20   Showcase
12:15   Drill Down Finals/Awards/Photos

The Staff

We are expecting a slightly bigger group of dancers this year, so we are assembling an amazing staff of teachers.  Confirmed at time of publication are last year’s instructors Diane Bonds, Mina Ortega, John Peters, Andy Vaca, plus special Drill Down Specialist Cindy Smith!  Make sure you register early so we know how many instructors to plan on.


Registration for MPDW must be done ahead of the event, and will close when filled—our capacity is 100 dancers.  Received payment is the only way to fully secure your spot at the Workshop.

Registration Fee:
$110    For both days
$70      For Day 1 only

Extras:  We are not trying to make any money on t-shirts, so in order to provide them at cost, please indicate if you are interested in purchasing a MPDW t-shirt ahead of time.  Also, please let us know on the registration form if you plan to attend the no-host reception on Friday, October 3 at 7:00 pm at Sababa Restaurant in Long Beach, at the Long Beach Marketplace, 6527 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA  90803.

To register, click on this Registration link and submit the Registration information.  Next, make payment.  Payment can be made two ways:

1) Send a check made out to CSULB Department of Dance to:
Sylvia Rodriguez-Scholz
CSULB Department of Dance
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA  90840
Attn:  Masters Pro Dance Workshop

2) Click on this link and make a donation to the CSULB Department of Dance.  Make sure you write in “Additional Information” that your donation is connected to Masters Pro Dance Workshop.  We will be notified when your payment goes through, and you will be registered.