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Thank you for your interest in the MA in Dance at CSULB. The next class will be admitted in Summer 2017.

Applications are typically due by December 1, and auditions are typically held in later January or early February. 
Dates and additional information about the application and audition process will be posted summer 2016 for the summer 2017 class.

MA in Dance Student HANDBOOK

Dancer Reach
MA Degree Description and Philosophy

The Department of Dance at CSU Long Beach houses the only low-residency M.A. degree in dance in California that is designed specifically to serve dance educators. Created to serve dance educators who are currently teaching primarily in secondary and community college venues, the Master of Arts in dance course work is completed in three intensive summer sessions of study in which 9-12 units are earned each summer. For this reason the program is run as a Special Sessions Program through the University's College of Continuing and Professional Education. The curriculum is designed to broaden and deepen dance knowledge and skills ranging from technique to composition, dance history and dance production. This degree elevates an undergraduate teaching credential to graduate status, usually commanding a pay increase for dance educators. The ideal class size for this degree is 15-20.

The M.A. in Dance offers both studio and theory courses in its curriculum. All courses are designed to introduce new concepts and trigger deeper thought and analysis in the field of dance. All courses in the M.A. degree are at the graduate level and are offered only to graduate students.

Prerequisites for the M.A. in Dance are:
 • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a degree in dance or a related field or a minor in Dance with the appropriate prerequisite courses
 • Fulfillment of the following college courses:
     -two courses in dance composition
     -one course in dance history
     -one course in anatomy/kinesiology (must be taken in the past five years)
 • Minimum of 2 years experience teaching dance in a junior high or high school with a secondary teaching credential OR minimum of 2 years part-time or full-time experience teaching dance in a community college OR exemplary employment history of teaching dance in other venues.
 • Current employment teaching dance in junior high, high school, or community college.

Application Process

University Requirements
All graduate and post-baccalaureate applicants must file a complete graduate application as described in the graduate and post-baccalaureate admission materials at
For instructions on how to apply to the Special Sessions Dance MA Program in CSU Mentor, please reference the following
For general guidelines regarding graduate application procedures to CSULB, please visit

Please note:
(a) A minimum 3.0 g.p.a. is required in the last 60 semester units of the B.A. or B.F.A., as well as being in good standing at the last college attended. (b) A minimum of 3.0 g.p.a. is required for any previous graduate course work applied to this degree. (c) No fewer than 24 units of course work shall be completed in residence at CSULB. (d) Up to 6 hours of credit is transferable from another institution toward this degree at the discretion of the faculty advisor. (e) The M.A. in Dance requires 31 hours beyond the undergraduate degree.

Supplementary Materials
All candidates must submit directly to the Department of Dance materials supporting the candidate’s promise of success in graduate study based upon her/his past academic record and record of teaching experience. Please submit the following materials by using the links provided:

-Application to Audition:
1) Letter of Application
• Completion of minimum prerequisites for the program and explanation of current dance employment.
2) Curriculum Vitae
3) 2-Page Personal Statement in 11 or 12-point font, double-spaced, addressing how this graduate program will help fulfill professional goals.
4) Video of two recently produced dances choreographed by the candidate on his/her students that shows different aspects of the candidate's artistic work. Video should be posted in Vimeo or Youtube, if a private account please provide a password.
5) 3 Letters of Recommendation; one must be from a current supervisor or colleague.

Movement audition and personal interview
Candidates who have fulfilled prerequisites and successfully submitted Department materials will be asked to participate in a live movement audition and personal interview at the CSULB Department of Dance. The audition will include a modern dance technique class, a short improvisation class, and an interview with the faculty selection committee. The date of the audition will be posted on the CSULB website in the fall 2016 semester.

DANC 510A Dance Technique Laboratory
DANC 510B Dance Technique Laboratory
DANC 510C Dance Technique Laboratory
DANC 521 Composition III
DANC 522 Composition IV
DANC 565 Dance Science as Related to Teaching Technique
DANC 585A Dance Performance
DANC 591A Design for Dance Lighting
DANC 591B Design for Dance Costuming
DANC 592 Special Topics
DANC 642 Seminar in Dance History
DANC 605 Seminar in Dance

Advancement to Candidacy
Students will be advanced to candidacy upon successful completion of the following:
1. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all graduate coursework
2. Meeting the GWAR requirement
3. A minimum of 21 units of coursework completed or in progress
4. Removal of any incompletes

Written Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Examination will consist of practical applications of theories and skills, and questions emphasizing a synthesis of knowledge learned in the MA curriculum. The overall exam will be structured as follows:
• Part I: Dance Composition Practicum—takes place in Summer #3
• Part II: Lighting Practicum—turned in post-Summer #3
• Part III: Costuming Practicum—turned in post-Summer #3
• Part IV and V: Written exam questions linking areas of theoretical and/or practical study, which may include Dance History, Dance Science, Composition, Technique, and Music for Dance.

Students will have one week to complete each of the written exam questions. Exam dates will typically be in the October following the third summer of study. The questions will be evaluated on the student’s ability to synthesize and utilize correct and proper information taught in the subject area, and to create a thesis or controlling idea addressing the prompt/question.

For more information please contact: Colleen Dunagan Department of Dance at California State University Long Beach