Department of Dance Office: DC-S131     Phone: 562-985-4747     Fax: 562-985-7896

Applying to CSU mentor



Part 1 -Apply online to CSULB using CSUMentor:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the tab that says “Apply Online
  3. Click on “Graduate Admission Applications
  4. Click on the box that says “Click This Box If You Are Applying For:
    a. Select “Fall 2014
  5. The next screen should say, “New To This Site?
    a. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Create an Account
  6. Fill out all of the fields properly
  7. Click “Next
  8. Fill out your mailing address and contact information
  9. click “Next
  10. The next screen should read “Congratulations” – click “Next Page
  11. Under “These Are The CSU Campuses To Which You May Apply:” select “CSU Long Beach
    a. Click “Start New Application
  12. Read all of the information on this page
    a. Click “Begin Graduate Application for CSU Long Beach

Enrollment Information Page:

  1. Near the top of the screen, for “Term Applying For” select “Fall 2014
  2. Click “Select a Campus and Major” button
  3.    a. This will open a pop-up window
          i. Select “Special Session Degree Program
          ii. Click “Set Campus
       b. A second pop-up window will appear
          i. Under “Intended Major” select “Dance MA” (please choose the 1st one listed)
          ii. Click “Set Major
  4. For “Degree Objective” select “MA
  5. For “Educational Credential Objective” select “Not Interested In A Credential Program
  6. Continue filling out all fields on the application