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Kelsey Vidic, Costume designer

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Kelsey Vidic is a costume designer and installation artist. She explores the relationship of body in space, movement and textile through mediums such as dance, film, theater, opera and music videos. Kelsey has an MFA in Costume Design from the University of Texas as well as a BA in Theatre from Florida State University. She has worked for companies such as The Santa Fe Opera, American Players Theatre, Intel Corporation, Brevard Music Center and Opera pa Skaret in Sweden. She has spent time in London, studying theatre and working for the fashion company, Gomez-Gracia. She also frequently returns to India for study in yoga and self-exploration.      

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Image of Kelsey Vidic
Photo by: Pierre AtbehRe(current) Unrest, UT Austin
Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic
Choreography: Charles O. Anderson
Photo: Lawrence Peart

Be Real, Intel
Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic
Created by: Yago de Quay
Projection Design: Peter SistromWildness: A Requiem for J.M., UT AustinCostume Design: Kelsey VidicChoreography: Kate Watson-WallacePhoto by: Lawrence Peart Hair, UT Austin
Installation by Kelsey Vidic
Photo by: Yitai ChungCharcoal Sketch, Kelsey Vidic