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Eric Ruskin

Eric Ruskin, Concert Music Director

Office Phone: 562.985.7079
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Eric Ruskin, CSULB Department of Dance Music Director, holds a B.A. in Music from the University of California, Irvine and an M.A. in Music Composition from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied with George Crumb, George Rochberg, and George Perle. From 1978-1980, he played dance classes at UCI where he worked with Eugene Loring and Anthony Tudor. Since that time he has been accompanist, composer, concert music director, and music instructor for the Department of Dance at California State University, Long Beach. He studied Music for Dance with Betty Walberg and Ruby Abeling. He has composed music for dances by choreographers Lawrence Blake, Nanette Brodie, Viola Farber, Pat Finot, Alaine Haubert, Keith Johnson, Lorin Johnson, Sharon Kinney, Donald McKayle, Susan Mclain, Gloria Newman, Doug Nielsen, Tryntje Shapli, Jeff Slayton and Andrew Vaca as well as numerous other works for student choreography and films. Mr. Ruskin is a former Lester Horton Award recipient.