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Jeremy Hahn, MFA Candidate

Office Phone: 562.985.4747
Office: DC-F108


Jeremy Hahn spends his daily life as an innovative dance, visual, healing, and performing artist based in Los Angeles.  He is known to be an authentic, charismatic, and versatile choreographer and performer.  He is currently in this third year as a graduate student in the department of dance at California State University Long Beach.  Hahn has presented his choreography professionally nationally and internationally for over eight years.  Currently he choreographs and performs dance and fire in the visible and invisible landscapes across the globe, while having the greatest pleasure to work with many beautiful artists including: David Dorfman Dance, Loretta Livingston and Dancers, Lucent Dossier Experience, Seven Star Sun, MYSTIC Cosmic Cirque, Invertigo Dance Theatre, Hart Pulse Dance Company, Michelle Star LaVon, R.A.I.D., Rachel Lopez, String Theory, Strange and Elegant, Patrick Damon Rago, Sophie Olson Dance Explosion, Kristen Smiarowski, Nicole Klaymoon, Meg Wolfe, Hana van der Kolk, Red Swan Entertainment, Kalima Satori and many others throughout his life as a performer so far. He is a Lester Horton Award nominated performer, and who's dancing appeared on E! national television and The History Channel's Strange Rituals.


Jeremy Hahn