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Undergraduate Degrees:

Image of Hannah Soars jumping by Gregory R.R. Crosby

The CSULB Department of Dance offers three undergraduate degree programs and a minor in Dance.

The BA in Dance provides a balanced course of study that helps to prepare students for careers such as performers, educators, arts administrators, health and fitness specialists, and/or graduate study in dance. 

The BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science adds scientific depth to help prepare students for careers in dance medicine, dance fitness, somatics, education, or graduate studies in related areas such as athletic training, physical therapy, or kinesiology. 

The BFA in Dance is designed to prepare students for professional careers as performers and/or choreographers with more concentrated study in the areas of technique, performance, and choreography. 

The Minor in Dance is designed for experienced dance students to continue training and deepen knowledge about dance and enhances and complements a major field of study. 

All undergraduate students enter in the BA in Dance program, and students are encouraged from their freshman year to begin aiming their Department experience toward one of these three degrees.

Graduate Degrees:

The Department also offers two graduate degree programs, the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dance and the Master of Arts (MA) in Dance.

The MFA in Dance is a demanding program designed to challenge professionally experienced students to develop their artistic and analytical work through numerous performances and choreographic opportunities.  This terminal degree prepares candidates for careers in higher education, performance, and choreography.  

The MA in Dance is a concentrated program for dance educators currently working in high schools and community colleges.  This advanced degree is designed to enhance teaching and choreographic skills, while broadening aesthetic, historical, and scientific understandings of dance.