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Alumni Successes

Over the years, the Alumni of the CSULB Department of Dance have gone on to dance with reputable companies, teach at distinguished schools, and create dance companies who’s choreography is current and engaging.

Alumni Dancing

Blasa Acevedo: Diavolo, Keith Johnson/Dancers, Cirque De Soliel

Katrina Amato:Choreography for artists Tiesto and Arcade Fire, founder of the entertainment company, The Hollywood Bathing Beauties

Delyer Anderson: Helios Dance Theater, Nugent Dance, Ptero Dance Theater, Vox Dance Theater, Nanette Brodie Dance Theater, Sustaita Dance Theater, Indigo Dance Theater, ConDanza, Louie Cornejo

Kate Andrews: Nickerson-Rossi Dance, LA Contemporary Dance

Bobby Avalos: (BAAD)Bobby Avalos and Dancers(Artistic Director), (NBDT)Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre, Inked Dance

Angelynn Bair:  Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Wendy Baity: Relentless Dance Theater (Artistic Director)

Sonia Baker: Benita Bike's DanceArt Company

Holly Barganier: Contemporary Ballet Dallas, Big Rig Dance Collective, Ewert-Pittman Dance Company, Danielle Georgiou Dance Group

Brittany Barney: Body Current Dance, Monat Dance

Kayla Bixby: Backhausdance, Body Current Dance, Jessica Kondrath/the movement

Courtney Boyd: Body Current Dance, Monat Dance

Nicole Bridgens: Sara Dujour

Erin Butkivich:  Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Estee Carrizosa:  Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Sam Chapparone: Jessica Kondrath/the movement

Moonea Choi: Rosanna Gamson, Loretta Livingston, Keith Johnson/Dancers

Holly Clark: Touring company of "SWING"

Monica Clark: Andrea Woods

Filip Condeescu: Choreography for “Counter-Time” with 360 Dance Company

Megan DiCostanzo: Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Cathy Davalos: Davalos Dance Company (Artistic Director)

Hugo Diaz: Invertigo Dance Theater, Dorcas Roman Dancetheatre, T.S.O.U Dance

Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh: Keith Johnson/Dancers, Marcos Duran Performance Group

Emily Edgell: Body Current Dance, Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Elizabeth Espindola: Inland Pacific Ballet
Amanda Farris: Georgia Ballet

Wesley Faucher: “Glee,” America's Best Dance Crew, Dancer/Dance Captain “Rock of Ages”

Jennifer Felton: Bill Young, Colleen Thomas

Angela Fruhner: Body Current Dance

Donna Gale: LA Opera

Heather Glabe: San Diego Dance Theater’s Trolley Dances, LA Grand Ensemble, Malashock Dance, Yolande Snaith/ IMAGO Moves. San Diego Dance Theater’s Young Choreographers Showcase (First Place 2014)

Megan Godfrey:  Diavolo (Associate Artistic Director and Dancer)

Michael Gomez: Rosanna Gamson

Lisa Grecco: Ariane Anthony Dance Company (NYC), Nancy Zendora Dance (NYC)

Kyle Hadenfeldt: Thodos Dance Chicago, Chicago Repertory Ballet

Kimberley Hannah: Body Current Dance

Megan (Hicks) McLean: Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre

Jessica Hill: Jennifer Nugent, Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre

Andrea Holloway: Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
Sharon Sobel Idul: Black Diamond Ballet Theatre (Artistic Director and Choreographer)

Jordan Isadore: BodyTraffic, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Gallim Dance, Sara Du Jour

Sakura Ishi: Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno, Min Tanaka, Vox Dance Theater

Christine Ivy: Toured with Citrus Singers, Choreographer for cirque troupe Lucent Dossier Experience

Vanessa Johnson:  Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Tiffany Jones: Benita Bike's DanceArt Company

Michelle Jongeneel: Fuerza Bruta

Walter Kennedy: Lewitzky Dance Company

Irene Kleinbauer:  Invertigo Dance Theatre

Cristina Kole:  Nannette Brodie Dance Theater

Jessica Kondrath: Jessica Kondrath/the movement (Artistic Director)

Amanda Lipsey: Choreography for “The Red King’s Dream” and “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!”with Dance a la Mode

Rogelio Lopez: Joe Goode Performance Group, Deborah Slater Dance Theater,
Keith Johnson/Dancers

Khaleah London: Nathan Trice, Andrea Woods, Sakoba

Robert Lou: Diavolo, Disney's Alladin

Belinda Lutes: Body Current Dance

Jennifer Macovinta: Pilobolus, Bopi’s “Black Sheep”

Rochelle (Roberts) Mapes - BARE dance company, Bodytalk Dance, Benita Bike's DanceArt Company

Angela Mattern:  Stiletto Entertainment

Heather McArdle: David Dorfman, Bill Young, Keith Johnson/Dancers, Diavolo

Tara McArthur: Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Keith Johnson/Dancers

Marla McReynolds: performer on Broadway and television: "The Color Purple" on Broadway, “Anything Goes” National Tour, “Chicago,” “West Side Story,” “Boardwalk Empire” 

Bridget McNulty: Smuin Ballet (San Francisco), Body Current Dance, Monat Dance

Danae McWatt:  Pennington Dance Group, Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Courtney Meadows: Vox Dance Theater

Andrew Merrell: Keith Johnson/Dancers

Brian Moe: INKED Dance (Artistic Director)

Naoko Morita: Andrea Woods

Robert Moses: Robert Moses’ Kin (Artistic Director), Choreographer

Myshia Moten: Loretta Livingston & Dancers, Winifred Harris

Kaitlin Muse: David Herrera Performance Company, Body Current Dance

Yumi Nakatani: Body Current Dance

Rhetta Nelson:  Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Hanh Nguyen: Notoriety

Thaihoa Nguyen: Keith Johnson/Dancers, Body Current Dance

Stephanie Nugent: Victoria Marks, Keith Johnson/Dancers, Robin Cox Ensemble, Independent choreographer

Carrie Oleson: Pearl Lung, Graham II

Katherine Schafer Ostrout: Body Current Dance

Andrew Palomares: RhetOracle Dance Company, Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, Keith Johnson/Dancers, Body Current Dance, Monat Dance

Christine Peace: Disney's California Adventure and Aerial Artist with Cavalia

Laura Petrina: Tongue, Keith Johnson/Dancers

Chris Phan: Apprentice with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company

Erin Scheiwe Rockwell: Front Porch Dance (Co-Director and Performer)

Alison Rose: Randy James

Kana Sato: Shen Wei Dance Company

Donica Schmidt:  Domino Affect Dance Company, Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Sophia Sosa:  Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Taylor John Spaur: Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Kate Acare

Randyn Spear: Inked Dance

Luke Stockton: Body Current Dance

Emma Storey: Body Current Dance, Inland Pacific Ballet

John Stronks: Keith Johnson/Dancers, Winifred Harris
Jennie (Hill) Sustaita:  Nannette Brodie Dance Theater

Sarah Swenson: Vox Dance Theatre (Artistic Director), Simone Forte, Rudy Perez

Luis Tentindo: Tere O'Connor, Doug Elkins

Maria Tolbert: Body Current Dance

Brittany Ullestad:  Andrew Vaca’s Jazzworks-Long Beach

Sarah White: Body Current Dance

Mary Wilson: Black Diamond Ballet Theatre

Dwayne Worthington: Robert Moses’Kin  – when?

Kat Worthington:  Copious Dance Theater (Director and Founder)

Karen Woo: Gloria Newman, Lewitzky Dance Company

Yvette Wulff: Diana McNeilPennington Dance Group, Loyola Marymount University

Nikki Zialcita: Faye Driscoll

Dance Student Jumping

Alumni Teaching

Heather Ahern: West Virginia University (WV)

Angela Arnett: Escondido High School (CA)

Alex Arnold: Owner of Elevation Dance Studios, Long Beach (CA)

Nicole Atlas: A. B. Miller High School (CA)

Seonag Bauer: Dance Director at El Modena High School (CA) Pilates Instructor, Rehearsal Assistant for Sophie Monat at Orange County High School of the Arts (CA)

Adelina Barrios: Capuchino High School (CA)

Kayla Bixby: Instructor, Strong Studios in Cypress (CA)

Kelli Brown: Albertson: College of Idaho (ID)

Kimberly Brown: East Los Angeles College (CA)

Summer Brown: Lecturer at California State University, Long Beach (CA), Guest artist at California State University, Fullerton (CA), California State University, Dominguez Hills (CA) 

Lori Bryhni: Dance Chair at Modesto Junior College (CA)

Margo Caddell:  University of Massachusetts Amherst(MA), Tufts University (MA)

Estee Carrizosa: Director of Burbank High School Dance Program (CA)

Teresa Chapman: University of Houston (TX)

Aulani Chun: San Diego Mesa College (CA)

Holly Clark: Murray State University (KY)

Heather Cooper: San Jose State University (CA)

Lynnda Curry: Hochschule fur Musik und Theater (Leipzig, Germany) 

Cathy Davalos: St. Mary's College (CA)

Kim Davis: Modesto Junior College (CA)

Rebekah Davidson: Cerritos College (CA)

Meg Elder: Anaheim High School (CA)

Victoria Baker Ferrigno: Director of Dance Program at Mater Dei High School (CA)

Rosa Garcia: Fullerton Community College and Santa Ana Community College (CA)

Daphne Garrett: Flamson Middle School (CA)

Gwen Gibson: Milikin High School (CA)

Heather Gillette: Chair, Dance Department of Santa Ana College (CA)

Heather Glabe: Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach (CA), The Movement Lab: Solana Beach, (CA), San Diego Dance Theater (CA), American Ballet Theater Summer Intensive, Orange County (CA)

Sofia Gorder:  Director, Rowland Hall (UT)

Lisa Grecco: State University of New York, Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC)

Jeremy Hahn: Santa Ana College (CA), Renaissance High School (CA)

Irene Heredia: Mark Keppel High School (CA)

Jessica Humphrey: Lecturer at California State University, San Diego (CA)

Sharon Sobel Idul: Owner of Delta Ballet Academy, Antioch (CA)

Christine Ivy: Assistant Dance Director at Santa Ana High School (CA)

Kari Jensen: Santa Ana College (CA)

Knyeema Jones: Dance Instructor at Kick It Up in Long Beach (CA)

Walter Kennedy: Associate Professor of Dance, University of Oregon (OR).

Jim Kolb: Orange County High School for the Arts (CA)

Jessica Kondrath: Dance educator, lighting designer

Dora Kraning: Glendale College (CA)

Michelle Lapp: Redwood High School (CA)

William Lett: Faculty at California State University, Fullerton (CA)

Dori Levy: Dance/Movement Therapist, Full Time Faculty, Department of Dance, California State University, Long Beach (CA)

Erin Longhofer: Anaheim Ballet (CA), Orange County School of the Arts (CA)

Rogelio Lopez:  San Jose State University (CA), St. Mary's College (CA)

Lorena Macias: Castle Park High School, Chula Vista (CA)

Danielle Mancuso: Los Osos High School (CA)

Fredda Manzo: Crecenta Valley High School (CA)

Lynn McMurray: Glendale College (CA)

Michael Mills: Long Beach Community College (CA), California State University, Long Beach (CA)

Melissa Moore: Laguna Creek High School (CA)

Barbara Noel: Santa Ana High School (CA)

Stephanie Nugent: Associate Professor at UC Santa Barbara (CA), Full Time Faculty at California Institute of the Arts (CA)

Katie O’Rourke: Helix Charter High School (CA), artistic director of KO Dance Company

Nichole Ortega: Chair, Utah Valley University (UT)

Christine Peace: Redondo School of Dance and Music

Jayne Persch: Orange County High School of the Arts (CA)

Sara Pfeifle Gallo: Assistant Professor, Dixie State University (UT)

Melissa Randell: Glendale Community College (CA)

Michelle Riggs: Sunnymead Academy of the Arts (CA)

Christopher Rutt: New Treir Township (IL)

Amanda Sandifer: Artistic Director of Burbank High School Dance (CA)

Erin Scheiwe Rockwell - Dance Instructor Belhaven University (MS)

Sharon Shakur: Lula Washington School (CA)

Erin Scheiwe Rockwell: Belhaven University (MS)

Della Schleunes: Marlborough School (CA)

Jill Schroeder:  Director of Dance, Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA)

Laura Sotelo: Century High School (CA)

Randyn Spear: Dance Instructor at San Pedro Ballet School

Elaine Steinman: Dance/Gymnastics San Diego (CA)

Jenny Lee Stevens: California State University, Long Beach (CA)

Carrie Stillman: Santa Rosa Junior College (CA)

Jhon R. Stronks: Adjunct Faculty, University of Houston (TX)

Sarah Swenson: Irvine Valley College (CA), The Colburn School (CA), California State University, Fullerton (CA)

Cristal Tiscarena: Fresno City College (CA)

Cami Trigsted: Palos Verdes Pennisula (CA)

Jenny Tomlin: Walnut High School (CA)

Kori Wakamatsu:  Brigham Young University (UT)

Rebekah Westling: Dancer's Edge, Visalia (CA)

Carrie Woodson: Crystal Cathedral Academy (CA)

Kat Worthington: Alonzo King Lines Ballet School (CA)

Jill Yager: San Jose State University (CA)

Dance Science/Pilates

Kate Andrews: Pilates Instructor at Club Pilates

Shari Brookler: The Pilates Place (Owner)

Kathleen Bower: Completed physical therapy program at the University of Saint Augustine, employed by Polestar Physical Therapy and Pilates Center

Sandy Brown: Certified Athletic Trainer and Pilates Instructor at Select Medical Physical Therapy/ Disneyland Entertainment Division, Pilates Instructor for employee wellness program at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo

Sam Chapparone: Pilates Instructor at One Body Studios and Equinox

Keira Cumberland: Pilates manager at Equinox, accepted to law school at UC Irvine

Danielle Englestad: Completed physical therapy school and works at Sentara Physical Therapy

Heidi (Figueroa) Coles: Manager and Pilates Instructor at Pilates in the Canyon,
Pilates instructor at LiveLife Pilates
Jen Fitzgerald: Pilates Instructor at Body Basics, Sacramento and Physical Edge

Annie Foucault: Accepted to nursing school at the University of Hawaii

Nicole Gendel: Pilates Instructor at Erica Bloom Plus, New York

Heather Glabe: Pilates on Cue, Encinitas (CA), The Movement Lab, Solana Beach (CA)         

Natalie Gonzales: Certified Athletic Trainer and Pilates instructor at Select Medical Physical Therapy/ Disneyland Entertainment Division

Jillian Hardwick: Owner and Instructor HB Pilates

Suzie Harris: Pilates Instructor and Owner of Image Pilates

Katie Hunt: Pilates Instructor and Owner of Hunt Pilates

Christine Ivy: Pilates Instructor

Knyeema Jones: continuing her studies toward a Doctorate in physical therapy

Jessica Kondrath: Pilates Instructor

Meghan Klemz: Pilates Manager at Equinox

Katherine Ostrout: Pilates Instructor at the Pilates Place and the Belmont Athletic Club

Ali Patrick: Pilates Instructor, accepted to physical therapy program at University of Southern California

Christine Peace: Pilates Instructor at Sharp Treatment of Southbay and PTCare

Devon Reuvekamp: Pilates Manager and Instructor at Physical Therapy Care, Pilates Instructor at KOR Pilates

Erin Scheiwe Rockwell: Studio manager and Instructor at Pilates Place of Mississippi

Randyn Spear: Pilates and Barre Instructor at HIP Studios, Pilates Mat Instructor at CSULB Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Rosie Tkaczuk: Accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University physical therapy program

Beth Todoran Sandlin: Coordinator and Pilates Instructor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver

If we have left you off of the list, please email to inform us of your current achievements!