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2018/2019 Audition Info



Undergraduate Auditions

Dancer jumping and reaching for something just out of reach. Photo by Gregory R.R. Crosby

August 22, 2018
Current and incoming Fall 2018 CSULB students
Audition begins at 2pm
Application deadline August 20, 2018

October 19, 2018
Spring 2019 transfer students
Audition begins at 9am
Application deadline October 17, 2018

February 22, 2019
Fall 2019 Freshman applicants
Session I: 9am
Session II: 1:30pm
Application deadline February 20, 2019

February 23, 2019
Fall 2019 transfer students
Audition begins at 10am
Application deadline February 21, 2019

Minor Technique Screenings

August 22, 2018
Current CSULB Students only
Screening begins at 2pm
Application deadline August 20, 2018 at 4:00pm

February 22, 2019
Screening begins at 1:30pm
Application deadline February 20, 2019

Graduate Auditions

February 2, 2019
Master of Fine Arts in Dance ( MFA )
Application deadline December 1, 2018
Click here for MFA admissions information

The CSULB Department of Dance is seeking broadly trained, dynamic, and distinctive movers and thinkers who are dedicated to the pursuit of a degree in dance. Preparation for admittance into our Department comes in many forms: vigorous academic preparation, continual study of numerous forms of dance (with emphasis on ballet, jazz, and contemporary modern dance), performance experience, and exposure to dance as an art form. While we look at a dancerís technique and training during our dance auditions, we also look at the individual. We seek students who are dedicated to learning and willing to expose themselves to the possibilities of dance that have yet to be investigated. (Click on Transfer for additional information regarding the acceptance of transfer dance majors.)

Becoming a Dance Major (Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Bachelor of Arts in Dance, option Dance Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts) is based on both the live dance audition AND the CSULB admissions requirements. Out-of-state applicants may submit a video audition.

Application/Audition Process

Dancer showcasing muscles in a stretch. Photo by Gregory R.R. Crosby





Minor ( Minor Technique Screening )

Current CSULB Students who want to become a dance major