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California State University, Long Beach
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Biotechnology at the Beach

Welcome to the Biotechnology Certificate Program at CSULB.  The program has many tracks to train students in the different facets of biotechnology.  Our program offers a dedicated stem cell training track. Other tracks include training opportunities in biomedical laboratories at the Long Beach VA hospital and local biotechnology companies.  The certificate can be earned concurrent with an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree, or alone as post-baccalaureate studies.

Certificate in Biotechnology Prerequisites for Admission
Certificate in Biotechnology Program Requirements
Stem Cell Training Track
Faculty Research
Stem Cell Publications by CIRM-CSULB Interns
Internships (for a current list contact the Biotechnology Program Director, Dr. Lisa S Klig)

In addition to excellent course offerings, students in this program will be trained in research laboratories at CSULB and participate in research internships off campus. Courses offered for the certificate may be used to satisfy, as appropriate, major or minor requirements. 

For more information about California State University, Long Beach, please see the CSULB link.   For information on how to apply to our university, please see the How To Apply link.  To apply to the CSULB Biotechnology Certificate Program contact the Director, Dr. Lisa S Klig, at

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