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California State University, Long Beach
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Biological Sciences Seminar Series

The Biological Sciences Department Seminar Series invites to our campus professional scientists to give a lecture on their current research. It is an important weekly event for our program, in which new findings and ideas are shared and discussed within an open and social setting. Department faculty members, staff, post-docs, and graduate and undergraduate students routinely attend the seminar. In addition, interested persons from the campus and greater community are very welcome to participate.

Fall 2016 Seminar Series, Held in Hall of Science Room 102, 4pm

Date Presenter and Topic
Aug. 29 Dr. Ray Wilson, CSU Long Beach Seminar Organization
Sept. 1 Dr. Josh Cotter, CSULB, Kinesiology “Regulating skeletal muscle mass: From beach bodies to space travelers"
Sept.8 Dr. Theodore Stankowich, CSULB "Spines, shields, & sprays: The evolution of antipredator defenses and coloration in mammals”
Sept.15 Dr. Nathan Lanning, CSULA "Surveying the mitochondrial bioenergetic landscape for new therapeutic targets”
Sept.22 Dr. Tomasz Owerkowicz, CSUSB "The Humpty Dumpty alligator: why eggs have eggshells"
Sept.29 Dr. Jay Nadeau, Caltech.“Bugs in space: searching for extant microbial life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn”
Oct.6 Dr. Ricardo Ramirez, UC Irvine “Deciphering the hematopoietic gene regulatory architecture”
Oct. 13 Dr. Ryan Walter, CSUF "Ice-o-lation with migration: Glacially mediated divergence in fishes”
Oct. 20 Dr. Chris Lowe, CSULB “Recovery of the white shark population: a sign that some things are getting better”
Oct. 27 Dr. Michael Harris, CSULB “Cryptophysiology: physiology of the undead”
Nov. 3 Dr. Lani Gleason, Loyola Marymount “Ecological genomics of an intertidal marine snail: local adaptation to heat stress in Chlorostoma (formerly Tegula) funebralis”
Nov. 10 Dr. Carrie Kiel, Claremont Graduate University "The evolution of floral form, diversification rates, and pollinator mediated trait evolution in the species-rich justicioid lineage (Acanthaceae)"
Nov. 17 Dr. Ann Sakai, UC Riverside. "Conservation, plants, and pollinators: a missing link in the adaptive radiation of a Hawaiian plant lineage "
Dec. 1 No Seminar
Dec. 8 Dr. Niamh Quinn, UC Cooperative Extension, SCREC “Human-wildlife conflict:lessons from around the world”