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California State University, Long Beach
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Biological Sciences Seminar Series

The Biological Sciences Department Seminar Series invites to our campus professional scientists to give a lecture on their current research. It is an important weekly event for our program, in which new findings and ideas are shared and discussed within an open and social setting. Department faculty members, staff, post-docs, and graduate and undergraduate students routinely attend the seminar. In addition, interested persons from the campus and greater community are very welcome to participate.

Spring 2017 Seminar Series, Held in Hall of Science Room 102, 4pm

Date Presenter and Topic
Jan.26 Dr. Ray Wilson, CSU Long Beach Organization Meeting
Feb.2 Dr. Octavio Aburto, UCSD-SIO “Mangroves: the importance of ecosystem services valuation"
Feb.9 Dr. Bree Putman, LACM "Fear in animals: the function of ‘foolish’ antipredator responses and their potential to predict success in urban environments”
Feb.16 Dr. Dean Mobbs, CalTech "Adaptive escape decisions in humans”
Feb.23 Dr. Lyall Belquist, Nature Conservancy, San Diego "Cooperative recreational fisheries analyses in California: historical trends in "trophy" sizes (1966-2013) combined with population analyses of two Paralabrax species off San Diego"
Mar.2 Dr. Celine Riera, Cedar Saini Medical Ctr.“Identification of sensory neural circuits regulating metabolism and obesity”
Mar.9 Dr. David Jacobs, UCLA “Evolution and historical ecology of estuaries and their endangered species on the Pacific coast and in the Gulf of California”
Mar.16 Dr. Christine Frieder, USC "Calcification, animal energetics, and global ocean change”
Mar.23 Dr. Roger Acey, CSULB “Butyrylcholinesterase expression during neuron development: Impact of endocrine disruptors and a therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease”
Apr.6 Dr. Donovan German, UCI “Trust your gut: using nutritional physiology to understand animal ecology”
Apr.13 Dr. Glenn Tattersall, Brock University, Ontario, Canada"Adaptive thermoregulatory ‘radiation’ in birds: be sure to check the bill”
Apr.20 Dr. Joseph Heras, UCI“Genome meets phenome: identifying loci for complex adaptive traits in Pacific marine fishes”
Apr.27 Dr. Christine Whitcraft, CSULB "Wetland restoration: Successes and challenges in a time of change"
May 4 Dr. Stefan Schmollinger, UCLA “Multivariant RNAseq and systems biology approaches in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii reveal novel players in algae nitrogen metabolism”
Have a wonderful Summer!