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California State University, Long Beach
Web Comm, California State University, Long Beach
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WebComm is the community of designers, programmers, content providers, and administrators who are responsible for building and managing online campus communications.

Our Mission

  • To develop sustainable methods for implementing the web policies established by the campus leadership.
  • To provide and promote a consistent user experience across all campus sites that also accommodates the natural differences in approach from one campus entity to another.
  • To foster a collegial and collaborative community of communications professionals whose common cause and collective knowledge result in mutual benefits and better efficiency.

Hannon Hill Cascade Server Information

June 23, 2010 - CSULB is in the process of acquiring the use of the Hannon Hill Cascade Server as our WCMS. For those who would like to investigate you can go to, where you will find links for the Cascade Server and various white papers (under Resources on the right). Because Hannon Hill requires you to sign in for each white paper you download, a selection of the most relevant white papers is provided below to make it easier for WebComm members to obtain some information. The descriptions for each white paper are from the Hannon Hill site:

7 Ways a CMS Saves Organizational Time and Resources

This document discusses 7 ways that the use of a CMS can help save valuable time and resources within an organization.

Free Content Management Buyer's Guide

This free Buyer's Guide explains the benefits of using a content management system for your web site, what questions to ask before deciding on which CMS is right for your needs, and other valuable information.

Introduction to Content Management Systems

Become familiar with the purpose of content management systems and how their implementation increases efficiency compared to traditional website management practices.

Content Management Systems for Higher Education

An extensive site, such as those of colleges and universities, can be greatly improved and streamlined with a content management system.

Course Catalog Management for Higher Education

The complexity of managing a course catalog can become a much simpler process via a content management system.

Advantages of a Push CMS

A push CMS is advantageous to a pull CMS through search engine index friendly URLs, multi-server content publication, and content independence from the CMS, among other benefits.

Search Engine Optimization with a CMS

A good content management system should promote search engine optimization through friendly URLs, metadata, and other features.

Maintaining an Accessible Website with a CMS

Content management systems should automatically help your web site achieve compliance requirements for individuals with disabilities. Download our white paper to learn more about web content management and accessibility.

Using Workflows in a Content Management System

Workflow automation is an essential feature of a content management system in its ability ensure the highest possible quality of content on a site by requiring the content to go through required approval steps.