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Information about our 2016-2017 season coming soon!

2015-2016 Season Information

S/he and Me Production

S/he & Me

September 25 - October 11
Studio Theatre

A celebration in words and music of the intense relationships and love affairs we all have with our past. Seen through the eyes of actress and singer Alexandra Billings, this one-act musical play is a non-linear dramatization of her life – introducing us to her parents, her wife, and Scott (the boy she used to be). S/he & Me threads together the moments – dramatic and domestic – that complete the vivid portrait of her triumphant self. Her story is our portal to understanding and acceptance. Alexandra Billings starts in this autobiographical cabaret, and is currently appearing on Amazon’s Golden Globe winning hit, Transparent.

Creative Team

Conceived and Directed by Joanne Gordon
Assistant Directors: Lara Lafferty and Daniel Nakawatase
Musical Director: Jarod Sheahan
Scenic Designer: Danila Korogodsky
Costume Designer: Carlene Descalo
Lighting Designer: Elisheva S. Siegel
Sound Designer: Kate Fechtig
Makeup Designers: Jasmin Castro and Denise Cruz
Stage Manager: Amber Goebel


Alex: Alexandra Billings
Scott: Joey Ruggiero
Bob: Jeff Paul
Mimi: Valerie Stanford
ChrisAnne: Kayla Kearney
Ensemble: Maddie Larson, Christian Schmidt

Far Away Production Poster

Far Away

November 13 - December 5
University Theatre

A young girl witnesses a horrible event – or is it an act of revolution? In a series of three scenes, Joan grows up, discovering and acting against a violent world that is evolving around her. A sinister farm house, a beautiful parade, and a nation overtaken by animals play a part in Joan’s ever changing life. But is she changing the world or is the world changing her? One of the most influential living playwrights still writing, British playwright Caryl Churchill creates a haunting dystopian polemic about individual change.

Creative Team

Directed by Trevor Biship
Associate Director and Choreographer: Asha Kamali May
Scenic Designer: Paige Bossier
Costume Designer: Yuheng Dai
Lighting Designer: Kit Baumer
Sound Designer: Jeff Polunas
Makeup Designer: Olivia Sedoryk
Stage Manager: Rachel Dennison


Joan: Paige Bassi
Harper:Amberly Chamberlain
Young Joan: Noelle Johnson
Todd: Will Jorge

Ensemble: Melvin Alas, Tara Coffey, Marcos Valdes Garrido, Justin Kostecki, Zachary Ma, Alejandra Machado, Gahren Markarian, William Minor, Isela Munoz, Tatiana Overstreet, Malik Proctor, Alexander Romero, Abigail Somera, Connor Tibole

Mutual Consent Production Poster

Mutual Consent

February 12 - February 21
Studio Theatre

In an intriguing blend of absurdity and lyricism, this vignette-style drama tells the story of how multiple couples navigate love, marriage, commitment, and the pressures of real life. A reading of Mutual Consent was held Thursday, September 3 at 7PM, as part of the CSULB Theatre Arts Affinity series. This afforded the audience a chance to hear the work and comment, providing feedback that will be used and incorporated into the fully staged production this spring.