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California State University, Long Beach

Major Laboratories

Microfabrication Laboratory (ECS 214)

Class 10,000 cleanroom where photolithographic process is conducted to fabricate microfluidic chips.

Spincoater Laurell Technologies Corp. WS-400E-6NPP-Lite

Ultraviolet lamp UVP,

Dyne-A-Mite HP Surface Treater Enercon Industries Corp. 3111HP

Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory (ECS 111)

FTIR Spectrometer Nicolet 380

UV-Vis Spectrometer Shimadzu 1240

SourceMeter Keithley 2401

UV Area Imaging System Paraytec ActiPix D100

Microscope Zeiss Axio Observer A1m Fluorescence camera Hamamatsu Orca-R2

Gas chromatograph SRI 310

Catalyst & Reaction Engineering Laboratory (EN3-111C)

Gas phase plug flow reactor with temperature controller, flow controller, and GC.

Liquid phase batch reactor with temperature controller and agitator.

Autoclave Laboratory

Computer-aided Manufacturing Laboratory

Instron Testing Laboratory

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