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California State University, Long Beach

Transfer Students

Thank you for considering Engineering at The Beach! Our college continues to be an extremely popular choice for transfer students. In fact, each spring transfer students comprise about half of our engineering graduates. Due to the project-based learning that occurs in our programs, CSULB graduates have earned a reputation for their practical knowledge and are highly sought by industry. We invite you to explore the many challenging and exciting engineering, computing, and engineering technology degrees currently being offered at CSULB.

How Should I Prepare to Transfer to the College of Engineering?

Students interested in transferring to CSULB's College of Engineering should have a strong foundation in math and science, particularly Calculus and Physics as well as an interest in analytical and creative problem solving. Lower division preparation courses are extremely important in determining one's ultimate success in engineering and thus must be completed prior to transferring to CSULB (see new minimum requirements below).

What are the NEW admission criteria for Transfer Applicants?

CSULB continues to be a high-demand campus and expects to receive more applications than can be accommodated. To maintain the quality of the College of Engineering's academic programs and services, supplemental admissions criteria will be applied to transfer applicants. In addition to meeting CSULB's admission requirements, applicants interested in engineering must also complete major-specific minimum requirements to be considered for admission. Please navigate the following link for additional information about CSULB's new admission policy and major-specific requirements:

Does the College of Engineering accept students seeking a second Bachelor's Degree?

CSULB accepts applications for a second baccalaureate degree only from highly qualified applicants to the following majors: Nursing, Engineering, Natural Sciences (excluding Biology options), Math, and Foreign Languages. To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the major specific criteria required of transfer applicants in addition to the minimum post-baccalaureate admission requirements listed below. Eligible applicants will be offered admission on a space available basis after considering all eligible transfer students. For more information about post-baccalaureate degrees at CSULB please visit the following link from Enrollment Services:

How can I increase my chances of being accepted to CSULB's College of Engineering?

Admissions are extremely competitive so we strongly encourage all applicants to complete as many General Education and Lower Division major courses as possible prior to transferring to CSULB including the those listed as Preferred Requirements and beyond, if possible (i.e. Static, Circuits, etc.). While it is not required that you follow these guidelines it makes practical sense to take courses which not only prepare you for engineering but also increase your chance of being admitted and expedite graduation. Please use the College of Engineering's degree roadmaps and to identify equivalent transferable coursework from California Community Colleges.

For additional questions regarding transferring to the College of Engineering please contact the Engineering Student Success Center's Advising office at:
(562) 985-1800 or

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