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California State University, Long Beach

Engineering Honors Program

The Engineering Honors Program is designed to offer an opportunity for academically successful and motivated students interested in completing their program of study in four years. In addition to honors-level courses, students will be engaged in the application of engineering through a research project, culminating in a thesis. The purpose of this program is to prime students for success as practicing professionals in engineering industry as well as strengthen their potential success in graduate studies.


Participation in the Engineering Honors Program offers students a fast-track plan toward undergraduate degree completion, a structured experience that fosters advanced research inquiry and skills, builds upon academic confidence and communication in research skills, and cultivates academic independence needed at the graduate-school level. Because this is an accelerated program, students can earn priority registration by attending honors sponsered events scheduled throughout the semester. The program builds upon those skills and personal attributes that exemplify the spirit of the engineering profession, qualities that have great appeal to engineering industry and engineering graduate school. Students who successfully complete the program will receive an Honors certificate and special recognition during the university commencement ceremonies. Students will receive distinctive transcript notations, indicating honors coursework and completion of the Engineering Honors Program.

Admission Criteria

Incoming Freshman Applicants: For first-time freshman applicants, minimum admission criteria involve an evaluation of academic aptitude that emphasizes mathematical ability; these include: SAT-M ≥ 650 and SAT-CR ≥ 600, or ACT Math ≥ 31 and ACT Reading ≥ 27; and a high school weighted GPA ≥ 3.50; as well as the preferred criterion of AP Calculus AB score 3 or IB Math score 4 or higher (or equivalent of Calculus I, MATH122).

Incoming Transfer and Continuing Student Applicants: For incoming transfer or continuing students, minimum admission criteria involve an evaluation of academic aptitude that fits the upper-division honors student's profile; these include a declared engineering major, and an overall GPA ≥ 3.50. Students have a higher likelihood of being accepted with completion of the preferred preparatory courses with a grade "B" or better.

  • Applicants within this category must be native juniors (defined as students who were admitted as freshmen to CSULB and have completed 60 semester units) and must meet the transfer applicant criteria.

Application Instructions

Incoming Freshmen Applicants:

Please check back in spring of 2016 for further application details.

Incoming Transfer and Continuing Student Applicants:

For continuing CSULB students interested in joining EHP during the spring of 2016, you will need to submit an online application , which entails providing some personal information, the name and email of your recommender, uploading a personal statement, uploading a screen shot of your Degree Planner, and uploading your unofficial transcripts.

Once you submit your application, your recommender will be automatically contacted with a link to upload a letter of recommendation. You will receive automated confirmation emails when you submit your application, and when a letter of recommendation has been submitted for you. Your application will remain confidential at all times.

  • Deadline for continuing students to submit applications:
    11:59pm Mon. Dec. 28, 2015

  • Deadline for recommenders to submit letter of recommendation:
    11:59pm Mon. Jan. 4, 2016.

The personal statement must address the following prompt within two pages, double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins, with your full name and date in the document header:

Describe how your personal, academic, and extra-curricular experiences or activities have inspired you to pursue a career in engineering. Discuss how your aspiration for a future career in engineering can be enriched by participation within a community of scholars.

For more information about the application process, please visit: University Honors Program (UHP)

For more information about the Engineering Honors Program (EHP), please email: Back to top

Application Deadlines

  • For continuing CSULB students interested in joining EHP during the spring of 2016, check out the application instructions and the application link.

    For incoming freshmen and transfer students planning to enter csulb in fall 2016,EHP application deadlines will be posted in spring of 2016.

Engineering Honors program Embarks on Third Year

Designed to offer academically successful and motivated students a chance to complete their studies in four years, the CSULB Engineering Honors Program now serves about 100 students. Read more here.

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