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California State University, Long Beach

Coursework and Examinations, PhD Program

Computer Engineering and Computer Science Topics*

  • Computer Architecture (minimum of two courses)
    • CECS 530/630: Advanced Computer Architecture
    • CECS 531/631: Advanced Computer Architecture II
    • CECS 564/646: Fault Tolerant Computer Systems
  • Software Engineering (minimum of two courses)
    • CECS 543/643: Advanced Software Engineering
    • CECS 544/644: Software Testing and Verification
    • CECS 545/645: Software Architecture
  • Networking and Distributed Systems
    • CECS 572/672: Advanced Computer Networking
    • CECS 574: Topics in Distributed Computer Systems
  • Operating Systems
    • CECS 526/626: Advanced Operating Systems
    • CECS 570/670: Concurrent Parallel Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence (minimum of two courses)
    • CECS 550/650: Pattern Recognition Using Artificial Intelligence
    • CECS 551/651: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
    • CECS 553/653: Machine Vision
  • Algorithms and Computer Science Theory
    • CECS 528/628: Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
    • CECS 590/690: Special Topics in Computer Science
  • Simulation and Modeling
    • CECS 528/628: Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
    • CECS 552/652: Computer Simulation and Modeling

*CECS 690, Special Topics in Computer Science, may be used as a substitute with the permission of the doctoral advisor.


Note: although every effort is made to keep this Web site up to date, you should also consult the printed catalog for official information and program requirements, which may vary depending on the year you enter(ed) the program.

Official Program Information

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